Google's ChatGPT competitor DELAYED...

PLUS: OpenAI's $51M AI chip deal

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The hyped launch of Google’s multimodal ChatGPT competitor just got pushed to 2024 — facing another setback as Google challenges OpenAI.

With Google’s AI future riding on Gemini — can the model live up to the massive expectations? Let’s dive in…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Google postpones launch of GPT-4 rival Gemini

  • OpenAI’s $51M chip deal with Altman-backed startup

  • 9 new AI tools to try

  • How (and how not to) use AI for scientific research

  • Amazon's Q suffering hallucinations, privacy issues

  • OpenAI pushes back GPT store debut to 2024

  • UberEat’s AI images go viral

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Image source: Google

The Rundown: Google just delayed the rollout of its multimodal ChatGPT competitor Gemini until January — after identifying deficiencies in handling non-English languages.

The details:

  • Google teased the new model at its I/O conference in May, with the launch initially planned for December.

  • With rumors of massive training data including YouTube transcripts, Gemini has reportedly reached capabilities of GPT-4 in some areas.

  • Struggles with non-English languages were a primary cause for delay.

  • Google CEO Sundar Pichai has hinted that Gemini will be the first in a series of next-gen models planned for launch in 2024.

Why it matters: With massive stakes riding on Gemini, a month's delay is likely meaningless for Google in the long run. However, persistent issues at OpenAI’s competitors show that catching the market leader is a lot easier said than done.


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Image source: Rain NeuroMorphics

The Rundown: OpenAI reportedly agreed to buy $51 million worth of AI chips in 2019 from Rain NeuroMorphics — a startup CEO Sam Altman previously invested over $1M in personally.

The details:

  • Rain is developing brain-inspired NPUs for edge devices, touting massive efficiency gains over GPUs for AI workloads.

  • The 2019 agreement predated OpenAI's reliance on Microsoft's cloud infrastructure.

  • Rain was in the news last week, with the U.S. forcing Prosperity7, a Saudi venture capital firm, to sell its shares in the company over national security concerns.

  • The company has claimed its NPUs will offer 100x more computing power and 10,000x energy efficiency than traditional GPUs.

The relevance: Given the Saudi-related scrutiny, Altman’s deal and investment in Rain will likely raise some eyebrows. But the promise of NPUs (if the claims are accurate) could deliver huge upgrades in the AI chip market.


Will Gemini emerge as a true GPT-4 competitor when it launches in 2024?

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A fascinating new article from Nature interviewed several scientists on how they are using AI in their fields

Here’s how several of the leading researchers leverage ChatGPT responsibly:

Fix health biases, don't amplify them — Dr. Marzyeh Ghassemi, MIT

  • Uses ChatGPT to simplify medical content for general public

  • But warns deploying AI naively in healthcare could worsen inequities

  • Goal should be improving care, not just quick fixes for efficiency

Use it for structure over unreliable content — Dr. Mushtaq Bilal

  • Prompts ChatGPT for outlines to spark research idea directions

  • But does not trust actual autogenerated content due to unpredictability

Customize it as a teaching aid, not a replacement — Dr. Siddharth Kankaria, EPFL Switzerland

  • Generated science communication prompts for students

  • Focused on audience targeting and storytelling skills

  • Embraced use while fostering critical thinking on limitations

Read the full article here.


Just days after its launch, internal docs reportedly show staffers warning of "severe hallucinations" and confidential data leaks by Q, Amazon’s new enterprise AI assistant. Amazon has denied any verified issues, but is investigating the feedback.

OpenAI is postponing its planned launch of its GPT Store until early next year, the company announced in an email to users. The delay follows OpenAI's chaotic executive shakeup, with the release mentioning that “a few unexpected things” have been keeping them busy. Quite the understatement!

UberEats appears to be using AI-generated photos on its platform — with restaurants apparently unaware of the situation. The images went viral for some comical mistakes — including confusing a ‘pizza pie’ with an actual pie dessert and generating a fake Ranch dressing brand.

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