Google's AI ambitions LEAKED

PLUS: Study shows AI job loss may be overhyped

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

A leaked internal document from Google revealed the tech giants’ key ambitions for 2024 (hint: it heavily involves AI).

But with mass layoffs, brain drain, and a lack of successful consumer AI products — this one might qualify as a ‘stretch’ goal. Let’s get into it…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Google's 2024 AI ambitions LEAKED

  • MIT study: AI job loss may be overhyped

  • How to use Runway’s new Multi Motion Brush

  • 360-degree robot vision gets an AI upgrade

  • 7 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: Reuters

The Rundown: An internal document leaked from Google unveiled the tech giant's key goal for 2024 — to "deliver the world's most advanced, safe, and responsible AI”.

The details:

  • Google aims to lead in AI capability and safety, though its models are currently lagging behind rivals like OpenAI and Microsoft.

  • Further layoffs are expected to free up resources for ambitious AI investments, with CEO Sundar Pichai’s comments worrying employees.

  • Google’s AI offerings like Bard have yet to gain traction, and is yet to have a successful standalone AI product comparable to ChatGPT.

  • AI spam-generated content threatens the company’s core search — though feared disruption of search revenue from AI chatbots has yet to occur.

Why it matters: Google is facing immense pressure to catch up in AI to maintain cloud momentum and search dominance. But whether it can actually deliver on lofty AI goals remains uncertain — and continued layoffs and brain drain risk further sinking morale.


The Rundown: AE Studio is the key to industry dominance, securing AI talent from Harvard, Stanford, and MIT to streamline operations.

What AE Studio will do for you:

  • Turbocharge your business, save hundreds of hours, and WIN!

  • Have AE build custom your custom software and AI solutions

  • Hire AE to pinpoint where and why you should be building NOW!


Image source: DALL-E 3

The Rundown: A new study from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory suggests that AI is unlikely to replace as many human jobs as quickly as some projections claim.

The details:

  • The researchers found that only 23% of wages for vision-related tasks are currently economical to automate with AI.

  • According to the data, building custom systems is still far too expensive compared to human labor costs for most jobs.

  • Even cheap pre-trained models would take decades to offset human workers for many low-wage, multi-task jobs.

  • The pace of AI cost reductions and performance improvements will largely impact the scale of disruption for job markets.

Why it matters: While AI's labor impact shouldn't be dismissed, understanding limits to automation rates may temper some doomsday predictions about mass job loss. According to this study, the shifting landscape may be slower and more gradual than many expect.


The Rundown: Runway’s new Multi Motion Brush feature allows you to have way more control over your video generations — animating up to 5 different areas of an output with independent motions.


  1. Open Runway, and click on the Gen-2 model. Upload an existing image or type a text prompt to create the generation from scratch.

  2. Click on the Motion Brush feature. On the right side of the panel under ‘Motion Canvas’ are five brushes — each can control a separate area of the generation with different movements. With Brush 1 selected, paint over the area you’d like to animate.

    • Tip: Make the brush bigger or smaller with the slider in the upper left corner.

  3. Control the motion by tweaking the sliders in the ‘Directional Motion’.

  4. Repeat the exercise for up to five different areas. When you’re finished, hit save and then ‘Generate 4s’.

  5. The generations take about 1 minute. Tweak and play around with the motion options to get the perfect result!


The Rundown: Chi Core 10x team AI use by integrating use cases like knowledge gap identification directly into platforms like Slack.

  • Supercharge your Entire Team: Easily create / select high-value use cases for your team.

  • Access and Fine Tune AI Models: Select and fine-tune on auto pilot with top AI models from OpenAI to Mistral.

  • Securely Link to Data: Link any data source continuously (Confluence, GCP, S3 etc.).

Join leaders like Gusto and Rippling for free by signing up here, then just $50/month!


Image source: DALL-E 3

The Rundown: Researchers just developed a new robotic vision system called 360ORB-SLAM, designed to significantly enhance AR/VR experiences and visual assistance technology using 360-degree panoramic images and AI.

The details:

  • The system uses panoramic camera views to help robots detect 50% more visual landmarks in their environment.

  • An AI algorithm then takes data from the camera and fills in missing details, generating complete 3D depth maps of the surroundings.

  • In tests, this approach helped robots better track their location, avoid obstacles, and map environments.

Why it matters: This innovative approach provides new opportunities for more immersive and accurate AR/VR experiences, while also paving the way for advanced visual assistance systems in robotics.


  • 🖼️ Bonkers- Effortless text-to-image creation that lets you generate images from the best models (link)

  • 🤖 Holly- AI-powered recruiting assistant with access to over 750M+ profiles (link)

  • ✍️ Axonn- An AI writing assistant that creates on-brand content for Twitter and LinkedIn (link)

  • 💻 AI-powered GitHub enhancement for seamless coding (link)

  • ⛓️ NerfStudio- Create, train, and test NeRFs using this simple API (link)

  • 👨‍⚕️ Yuna- An AI-powered mental health coach smartphone app (link)

  • 🎻 Fiddler AI- Senior DevOps Engineer (link)

  • 🕵️ Anthropic- Privacy Engineer (link)

  • 🗳️ OpenAI- Elections Program Manager (link)

  • 🫂 Cohere- Director- People Operations (link)


ElevenLabs announced an $80M Series B raise at a $1.1B valuation for its voice cloning tech — also revealing new products like a Dubbing Studio and Voice Library Marketplace.

New Hampshire officials are investigating voter suppression robocalls impersonating President Biden, with AI-generated audio urging people not to vote in Tuesday's primary.

Elon Musk posted that a new version of X’s Grok AI will be out next month, hailing ‘substantial improvements across the board’.

Berkley AI researchers showed off a video of their general-purpose humanoid robot walking around San Francisco.

UK delivery company DPD's AI chatbot went rogue, swearing at a customer, criticizing the company, and writing a poem after prompts from a frustrated user.

Consensus, a research assistant GPT from, surpassed 1M user chats, vaulting it to the #3 spot on OpenAI’s trending leaderboard.

Purdue researchers developed AI models that simulate realistic tree growth and shape, learning from thousands of examples how they interact with the environmental conditions.



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