Google Gemini lied to us...

PLUS: Europe's AI regulation

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Google’s viral Gemini demo is under fire this week — with the revelation that the video relied on heavy editing to overstate the model’s capabilities.

Is the hyped model farther behind ChatGPT than initially thought, or is this just a simple PR miscommunication? Let’s investigate…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Google under fire after misleading Gemini demo

  • Europe breaks new ground with landmark AI rules

  • 9 new AI tools to try

  • How to bring emojis to life with AI

  • Seattle backs revolutionary DNA tech with $75M

  • Google NotebookLM rolls out to all U.S. users

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Image source: Google

The Rundown: Google is facing backlash after admitting its flashy Gemini demo video utilized heavy editing and prompts to make the model seem more impressive — misleading consumers with the viral video. What the quack!?

The details:

  • The slick demo wowed viewers with Gemini's capability in tasks like recognizing drawings — with Google now revealing it wasn't live.

  • In reality, frames were extracted from footage, and then researchers entered written prompts for Gemini off-camera, massaging the interactions.

  • Some defend brief demo embellishment as common practice — but critics argue it misrepresents capabilities.

Why it matters: It’s been a rollercoaster for Google/Gemini over the past week — with the demo quickly going from an incredible achievement to what now feels a bit like smoke and mirrors. If the model is as capable as Google claims, it would’ve been best to demo it transparently and let Gemini speak for itself.


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Image source: Commissioner Thierry Breton on X

The Rundown: After a marathon of talks, EU officials finally clinched a tentative deal establishing the world's first comprehensive legal framework governing AI systems — though some critics argue it doesn't go far enough.

The details:

  • The Artificial Intelligence Act aims to ensure oversight of high-risk AI through transparency, risk management, and human review.

  • It covers controversial areas like the use of facial recognition, with compromises allowing law enforcement applications.

  • The act will be officially voted on early next year and won’t take effect until at least 2025.

Our thoughts: AI regulation is a polarizing issue — with many feeling the act doesn’t go far enough and others saying its overreach destroys European AI advancement potential. Regardless of where it truly lands, Europe makes the first major move — establishing itself as a potential leader on the AI legal front.


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UW Medicine and partners just secured $75M to advance "DNA typewriters" — cells that self-record biological data over time. Envisioned as smartwatches for cells, the tech blends AI and biotech to leverage DNA's digital properties as a storage mechanism.

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