Google reveals massive AI updates

PLUS: HuggingFace releases Transformers Agent

In today's rundown:

  • Google goes all-in on AI

  • HuggingFace releases Transformers Agent

  • Scale AI releases Donovan and EGP

  • Synthesia Research releases HumanRF

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Google's recent I/O event was a thrilling showcase of AI-centered innovations. The tech giant made it clear that it is evolving as an "AI-first" company.

Heres the rundown: (sign up for those sweet waitlists ASAP)

  • Duet AI for Google Workspace enhancements, including AI in Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Slides [link]

  • Google Maps to offer an 'Immersive View for Routes' [link]

  • Google Photos is getting a 'Magic Editor' feature [link]

  • Google Search will become interactive, responding to questions in a conversational manner like ChatGPT [link]

  • PaLM 2, Googles powerful new LLM that will power over 25 new Google products [link]

  • Bard upgrades: waitlist removed, available in 180 countries, moved to PaLM 2 [link]

  • Partnership with Adobe Firefly, making image-to-text available directly in Bard [link]

  • Med-PaLM, A LLM from Google Research, designed for the medical domain [link]

  • MusicLM, describe a musical idea and hear it come to life [link]

  • StudioBot, an AI coding bot for developers [link]

Some interesting facts from the event: Google mentioned AI 143 times in todays presentation (check it out), and Google stock increased by $56 Billion.

Talk about putting on a show. Watch the recap videos here.

HuggingFace just launched the Transformers Agent, a coding language model that can generate other HuggingFace models on-the-fly for multimodal tasks.

This is a game-changer. By using Hugging Face tools to develop new ones, you make the code accessible to others, essentially increasing its power with every use. This is a step towards enabling open-source to grow and get better indefinitely.

Not only does this remove the barrier of entry to machine learning, but its a true testament to the power of open-source right now.

Scale AI recently unveiled two groundbreaking platforms tailored for governments and enterprises: Scale Donovan and Scale EGP.

Scale Donovan serves as an AI copilot for defense, streamlining decision-making processes for operators by condensing weeks of analysis into mere minutes.

Meanwhile, Scale EGP provides a full-stack solution for enterprises and government agencies to leverage LLMs without disclosing data to third-party AI companies.

Of note: Fox Corporation and Koch Industries already utilize Scale EGP in their operations.

Synthesia Research, the research team behind the powerful text-to-talking head/video generation tool, just released HumanRF: High-Fidelity Neural Radiance Fields for Humans in Motion.

Essentially, this technology captures a human movement from multiple angles and allows playback from unseen perspectives while compressing data and preserving high-quality details.

The recent rapid improvements in NeRF technology will significantly improve applications like movies, video games, video calls, and even the so-called "metaverse" that everyone has been discussing these days.

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  • Shownotes- Summarize, and transcribe Youtube and Audio. (link)

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  • Chatg- A tool that creates market maps for you (link)

  • Voice to Notion- Send tasks to Notion with your voice (link)

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