Google's AI biology breakthrough

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Google’s AlphaFold has been revolutionary in biology and drug discovery — and its latest update is set to redefine our understanding of the molecular world.

With new capabilities and free access to empower researchers everywhere, AlphaFold 3 will unlock a new wave of scientific innovation. Let’s explore…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Google DeepMind reveals AlphaFold 3

  • OpenAI’s framework for AI behavior testing

  • Generate images on Midjourney Alpha

  • AI usage surges in the workplace

  • 6 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: Google DeepMind

The Rundown: Google DeepMind and Isomorphic Labs just introduced AlphaFold 3, the newest version of the groundbreaking AI model that can predict the structure of proteins, DNA, and other molecules with extreme accuracy.

The details:

  • AlphaFold 3 has a 50% improvement in predicting drug-like interactions compared to traditional methods.

  • While AlphaFold 2 focused on protein structures, 3 can handle ‘all of life’s molecules’ and can model and predict complex interactions.

  • The model is available freely for non-commercial use through the new AlphaFold Server, allowing scientists to generate predictions and accelerate research.

  • Isomorphic Labs, a sister company of Google DeepMind, is already using AlphaFold 3 with pharmaceutical partners to design new drugs.

Why it matters: Previous AlphaFold models have already made tremendous impacts across the globe — and this more powerful and accurate iteration, combined with the new free server to broaden access to the tool, will supercharge drug discovery and our knowledge of the biological world.


The Rundown: OctoStack from OctoAI solves the problems businesses face when self-hosting open-source LLMs like Llama 3 and Mixtral for sensitive data — allowing for optimized performance even when deploying top models.

With OctoStack, you'll benefit from:

  • 5x faster throughput and lower latency than vLLM

  • Efficient GPU utilization for maximum performance

  • A suite of advanced optimization techniques baked into the stack

Dive into this blog to learn more about the techniques behind OctoStack's impressive performance gains.


Image source: OpenAI

The Rundown: OpenAI just introduced the Model Spec, a framework that outlines the company's approach to shaping the behavior of its AI models — hoping to gather public discussion on how ChatGPT and its API should behave.

The details:

  • The Model Spec reflects OpenAI's docs, research, experience crafting model behavior, and ongoing work that will influence future models.

  • The document establishes objectives, rules, and default behaviors for AI models.

  • Users can participate by filling out this form, with the option to select the objectives and behaviors that are most important in AI model behavior.

Why it matters: Deciding how a model should behave is a polarizing topic — with no outcome or rules likely to satisfy all users and situations. But gathering diverse perspectives and introducing more transparency is a positive, especially given the public's lack of understanding.


The Rundown: Midjourney’s website is now accessible to anyone with more than 100 generated images, improving the experience when prompting images over its standard Discord group.


  1. Check that you’ve generated more than 100 images by typing /info in the Midjourney Discord group. If you have, head over to Midjourney Alpha.

  2. In the main menu, you can explore other creations and search prompts.

  3. Select where it says “imagine” and enter your prompt to generate an image.

  4. Add a reference image by selecting “+” or play with different parameters such as image size, stylization, or even weirdness by pressing the “slider control” button.


The Rundown: Jurny is an AI-powered property management platform transforming the $4.1T hospitality industry by automating operations and enhancing guest experiences.

Jurny's competitive edge:

  • Partnerships with Airbnb, Vrbo, and Expedia

  • 5x customer growth and $35M+ bookings in 2023

  • $12M raised from top VCs and 1,100+ investors

  • Featured in Skift, McKinsey, Forbes, and Bloomberg

Interested in investing alongside top VCs? Click here to learn more.


Image source: Microsoft and LinkedIn

The Rundown: Microsoft and LinkedIn just published their Work Trend Index Annual Report, revealing that AI adoption is surging in the workplace — calling 2024 the ‘year AI at work gets real’.

The details:

  • The report found that use of GenAI has doubled in the last six months, with 75% of knowledge workers using the tech in some capacity.

  • 78% of AI users are bringing their own AI to work — with 52% reporting they are reluctant to admit to its use.

  • 66% of leaders wouldn't hire someone without AI skills, and 71% prefer less experienced candidates with AI aptitude over a more experienced one without it.

  • AI power users reported enhanced productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction compared to skeptical peers.

Why it matters: Employees are adopting AI at a rapid pace, regardless of if their own organizations are ready for the shift. As AI spreads across all sectors, generations, and skillsets, the early adopters are rising to the top — while those that aren’t at least exploring the tech are quickly running out of time.

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  • 📍GeoSpy - Uncover photo locations with AI

  • 🧑‍💻 LangChain - Connect LLMs to private data for context-aware applications

  • 📊 Abstra - Scale business processes with Python and AI

  • 🎨 Freepik Pikaso Upscaler - Integrated with Magnific, enlarge images without losing quality

  • 💬 Notion AI Q&A - Q&A is now open to the public, allowing users to ask and find information across their workspace

  • 🎵 Udio Audio Inpainting - Select a portion of an AI-generated music track and regenerate it

  • 🎥 The Rundown - Video Content Creator

  • 🤖 Anthropic - Research Engineer, Human-Computer Interfaces

  • 👩‍💻 Adept AI - Solutions Engineer

  • 📝 Mistral AI - Data Annotation Technical Program Manager


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Google introduced the Pixel 8a, a $499 AI-powered phone featuring advanced Gemini features and AI media tools like Best Take and Audio Magic Eraser.

Microsoft launched a top-secret genAI service for U.S. intelligence agencies, which uses an isolated GPT-4 model to securely analyze sensitive info.

Abound raised $800M for its AI-powered lending platform that analyzes bank transaction data for personalized loan assessments.

MIT and Project CETI researchers uncovered a sperm whale ‘alphabet’, using machine learning that potentially signified a communication structure similar to human language patterns.

01.AI introduced Wanzhi, a free personal AI workspace led by Kai-Fu Lee that can automate tasks like meeting minutes, reports, document interpretation, and more.

U.S. President Joe Biden announced a new $3.3B investment by Microsoft to build an AI data center in Wisconsin.

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