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  • Google Calls for Backup, Instagram's AI Upgrades, and OpenAI's Controversy

Google Calls for Backup, Instagram's AI Upgrades, and OpenAI's Controversy

Uncovering the AI revolution's impact on tech titans

In today's email:

  • Google calls for backup: Why Google fears ChatGPT

  • AI in instagram: Meta hints at using AI in instagram image filters

  • The OpenAI Controversy: OpenAI using Kenyan workers on less than $2 per hour

  • A new name for ChatGPT: Asking twitter to rename ChatGPT

Google Calls for Backup

Google's founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, have re-engaged with the company after a rival chatbot, ChatGPT, appeared to pose a threat to Google's $149bn search business. The founders held meetings with company executives to review Google's artificial intelligence product strategy, approve plans and pitch ideas to add more chatbot features to Google's search engine and offer advice to company leaders. Google now intends to unveil more than 20 new products and demonstrate a version of its search engine with chatbot features this year.

Meanwhile, Alphabet is cutting jobs to prioritize the new projects and stay competitive in the A.I. market. Looks like ChatGPT has put Google on "code red" and the founders are coming back to save the day.

Meta Hints at Using AI in Instagram

The Chief Product Officer for Facebook's parent company, Meta Platforms Inc, said that generative artificial intelligence technology, the same technology used in the popular chatbot ChatGPT, has interesting applications for social media, specifically in creating image filters for Instagram. The company has been working on further research in generative AI, such as technology that can convert a text prompt into a video clip.

The OpenAI Controversy

A recent investigation reported by TIME has revealed that in order to make ChatGPT less toxic, OpenAI used outsourced Kenyan labourers earning less than $2 per hour. The labourers were tasked with labeling tens of thousands of snippets of text, some of which were pulled from the darkest recesses of the internet and described graphic violence, hate speech and sexual abuse. The labeled data was used to train the AI to detect and filter out toxic language before it reached users.

A New Name for ChatGPT

We recently created a post on Twitter asking our followers to put their naming skills to the test and come up with some new and exciting names for ChatGPT. And let me tell you, our followers did not disappoint! Here are a couple of our favourites:

Big thank you to all those who participated and made this a fun and entertaining task!

🔥 Trending projects

  • Perplexity AI- Conversational search engine that includes citations (link)

  • Chatty Cat- ChatGPT on WhatsApp (link)

  • Code GPT- VSCode extension using chatGPT functionalities (link)

  • Eightify- AI-powered summaries for YouTube videos (link)

  • Leonardo AI- Create stunning game assets with AI (link)

  • Kili- Build a personalized AI assistant(link)

  • TweetGPT- Write tweets with ChatGPT (link)

💰 Side hustle of the week

AI is on track to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy in 2030. Here's this weeks idea to take advantage of the opportunity right now:

Idea: Print on demand college/university merchandise

Problem: Many college and university merchandise stores have a limited selection of designs and products, and often require bulk orders, making it difficult for students and alumni to purchase merchandise that truly represents their school and personal style.

Solution: A print-on-demand merchandise service for colleges and universities, where customers can choose from a wide variety of designs, customize the products with their own text or images, and have them printed and shipped on-demand.

This would:

1. Create a larger selection of products and designs

2. Make it easier for customers to purchase merchandise that they truly want

The service could also include a design submission feature, where students and alumni can submit their own designs to be printed on merchandise. The university can also use this service to get more revenue as they can get a percentage of every merchandise sold.

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