Google Bard gets another upgrade!

PLUS: Billion dollar solopreneurs are coming

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

Google just leveled up Bard big time, infusing its Gemini Pro model into the chatbot alongside a slew of new AI releases.

With an army of products to integrate and an advanced Gemini Ultra model lurking — is Bard coming for ChatGPT’s throne? Let’s get into it…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Google unleashes Gemini Pro in Bard and new AI

  • Altman: AI will enable a billion dollar solopreneur

  • How to create images with Google Bard

  • AI aids in early detection of ovarian cancer

  • 9 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: Google

The Rundown: Google just rolled out a significant upgrade to Bard, now powering the chatbot with its Gemini Pro AI model — alongside the launch of a new image generator, AI maps upgrades, and an updated music generation tool.

The details:

  • Bard is now running on Gemini Pro instead of the previous LaMDA and PaLM models, improving reasoning and language abilities.

  • Bard can now generate images through its Imagen 2 model, which allows users to prompt conversationally, similar to ChatGPT/DALL-E 3.

  • A standalone ImageFX text-to-image tool is also now available in Labs, which features “expressive chips" for easier prompting and creation.

  • Conversational search comes to maps, with AI-powered results providing detailed information to help users discover new locations.

  • A new MusicFX text-to-music tool builds on MusicLM, with generations expanded up to 70 seconds and enhanced capabilities.

Why it matters: Giving Bard a significant upgrade puts it as a real contender to ChatGPT’s capabilities — and if the upcoming Gemini Ultra eventually gets integrated along with the other impressive standalone tools, OpenAI might have a real battle for the coveted top chatbot honor.


The Rundown: When you started building a product, you didn’t dream of endless admin and organization tasks. You wanted to make something people would love.

Enter Height:

  • An AI project tool to manage the work for you

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Image source: Alexis Ohanian (@alexohanian) on X

The Rundown: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said during a fireside chat at the 2023 Robin Hood Investors Conference that a ‘one person, billion dollar company’ will happen thanks to AI in the near future.

The details:

  • Altman revealed he has a betting pool in his tech CEO group chat on what year the milestone will be achieved.

  • The sentiment comes amid job concerns surrounding automation and a brutal stretch of tech layoffs, with nearly 30,000 employees cut already in 2024.

  • Altman just posted about ‘being nostalgic for the time period you’re living through at the time you’re living it,’ which… sure sounds like someone who has seen the future.

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The Rundown: Google just announced several major upgrades to Google Bard — including the ability to generate images by prompting conversationally directly in a chat.


  1. Head over to Bard.

    • Note: Bard's image generation is accessible in most countries, excluding the EU, and Canada.

  2. In the chat, ask Bard to “Generate an image of [describe your image].”

    • EX: “Generate a high resolution, awe-inspiring image of a humpback whale mid-breach, water spray reflecting sunlight at sunset, wispy clouds, and realistic water reflections.” You can also ask Bard to write a prompt to help get started.

  3. Bard will return two images based on your prompt. You can download the images, generate more, or edit your prompt to improve the images!


The Rundown: Businesses powered by AI don’t just lead; they dominate. Don't let your business be the one that gets left behind...

The Imagine AI Live 24 conference, happening March 27-28 at the luxurious Fontainebleau in Las Vegas, will become the nexus of AI innovation and business transformation.

Join like-minded AI leaders, thinkers, and disruptors in a quest to redefine business and the future of work with AI.


Image source: ImageFX

The Rundown: Researchers at Georgia Tech just developed a new diagnostic blood test for ovarian cancer using AI and metabolic data that achieved 93% accuracy in detecting the disease.

The details:

  • The test analyzes compounds in the blood and feeds this data to AI models to predict if ovarian cancer is present.

  • The model calculates a personalized probability score for each patient based on their unique blood compound profile.

  • Tested on over 500 women with and without ovarian cancer, it significantly improved on past diagnostic approaches, especially for early detection.

Why it matters: Known as the ‘silent killer’, ovarian cancer has previously been notoriously difficult to detect in early stages. With the help of this new test, doctors may finally have a promising way to enable early diagnosis and lifesaving treatment.


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  • 🖼️ Mocky- Generate high-quality mock-ups for your products (link)

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  • 🎥 Nero AI Video Upscaler- AI motion tracking editor for blurring faces, logos, or license plates (link)

  • 🤖 Sune AI- Collaborate, automate, and streamline workflows for your team (link)

  • 🔒 GPT Guard- Unlock and freely use your data for AI and data analytics while safeguarding security and meeting privacy regulations (link)

  • 🎥 Synthesia- Senior Machine Learning Engineer - Video Perception (link)

  • 📢 Anthropic- Internal Communications Lead (link)

  • 🌍 Cohere- Global Head, AWS Partnership (link)

  • 👩‍💻 Open AI- Front End Engineer, Review & Training Platform (link)


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Mastercard revealed its own AI model that allows banks to detect fraud in real-time, claiming over 300% improvement in detection rates.

Amazon unveiled “Rufus" an AI shopping assistant that can answer shopping questions, recommend products, and compare items.

Anthropic rolled out a new ‘dark mode’ visual option for its Claude chatbot.

Meta plans to deploy its 2nd-gen custom AI chip, codenamed "Artemis", into data centers this year to reduce reliance on costly Nvidia GPUs.

Arc browser introduced new AI-powered features, including Instant Links to instantly visit top search results and an Explore tool that leverages LLMs to provide an integrated browsing and searching experience.

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