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AI creator Ghostwriter has put the music business on edge with his hit mashups creating uncomfortable convos around the industry's future.

Can the artists solution pave a friendly future for musicians? Lets dive in

In todays AI rundown:

  • Ghostwriter offers AI solution for music industry

  • BlackBerry releases AI security assistant

  • 儭 8 New AI tools

  • Level up home workouts with ChatGPT vision

  • 3 Quick AI updates

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Image source: Bloomberg

The Rundown: Viral AI creator Ghostwriter proposed a clearinghouse system for artists to license their voices to AI as a solution amid fears over synthetic media during an interview with Bloomberg.

The details:

  • Ghostwriter rose to fame with his viral AI-generated song Heart on My Sleeve, which used cloned voices of Drake and The Weeknd.

  • He suggests a clearinghouse approach where artists/labels set terms to license their voices to AI projects.

  • Terms could include payment splits, usage restrictions (no politics, hate speech, etc.), and more control.

  • Ghostwriter compares it to early hip-hop's unauthorized sampling, which faced legal issues before gradual acceptance.

The relevance: Ghostwriters proposed model seems promising, but will labels cede control? Famous artist, Grimes, was the first to do something similar- but she was only able to do it so quickly because she owns her own label.


The Rundown: Create custom AI apps for your team, clients, or yourself in 5 steps.

  1. Sign up for a no-code AI application layer like MindStudio.

  2. Define the purpose and standard output in the primary prompt.

  3. Select a foundational AI (GPT, Claude, or PaLM).

  4. Add custom data sources by uploading PDFs, excel sheets, text, etc.

  5. Add automations and customize user input to increase personalization.

Youre done! Publish, share, or embed the application.


Image source: BlackBerry

The Rundown: BlackBerry just announced a new generative AI assistant to support security teams with analysis capable of automating workflows and providing proactive threat intelligence to security operations centers.

The details:

  • The solution acts as a virtual SOC analyst, proactively anticipating needs and accelerating research tasks (that normally take hours).

  • It uses private large language models for greater accuracy compared to generic models and prioritizes data privacy.

  • The assistant is tightly integrated into BlackBerry's Cylance security platform, enabling natural workflow rather than a separate chatbot.

Fun fact: BlackBerry has over 5x more AI/ML patents than competitors, showing its quiet legacy as an AI innovator.

Why it matters: While consumers might have nostalgic memories of BlackBerry from the early days of the mobile phone boom, the company has been quietly making big moves in the AI security space.


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Want a new home workout program, tailored specifically to your goals and available equipment? Leverage ChatGPTs new vision feature (available to ChatGPT Premium Subscribers) to craft the perfect plan:

Step 1: Take a photo of the workout equipment available to you (home gym, set of weights, machines, etc.)

Step 2: Upload your image(s) into ChatGPT and try the following prompt: The attached photo shows my home gym equipment. I want to work out (x) hours a week. generate a weekly gym program focused on [your goal: building muscle, losing weight, etc.] Make it a [desired length, i.e. 8-week] program.

Note: Make sure to add any other requirements or important details (injuries, limitations, etc.)

Continue the conversation for explanations of workouts or additional program tweaks.

Have a great workout!


Interestingly, OpenAI just swabbed "thoughtful" and "audacious" from its core values replacing them with an intense focus on AGI stating: "Anything that doesnt help with [building AGI] is out of scope." The updated values reflect a company utterly devoted to cracking the code on advanced AI.

LinkedIn is reportedly laying off another 668 employees, on the heels of 715 other workers getting axed just five months prior. It also comes just after the company touted new AI tools for recruitment, articles, and more leading some to speculate that the company is focusing on hiring more AI talent.

SEC chair Gary Gensler says an AI-induced financial crisis could hit as soon as the late 2020s if regulators don't act fast. Gensler worries that with Wall St. rapidly adopting models like ChatGPT, reliance on a few powerful players could spark a catastrophic cascade similar to the 2010 flash crash.

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