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Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

After weeks of viral AI-generated video demos, Runway’s stunning Gen-3 Alpha is now out and ready for the masses.

But is the hyped model the new leader in the AI video boom, or just another appetizer while the world anxiously waits for Sora? Let’s dive deeper…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Runway opens Gen-3 Alpha access

  • Motorola hits the AI runway

  • Visualize projects with Claude Artifacts

  • New AI framework optimizes LLM usage

  • 6 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: Runway

The Rundown: Runway just announced that its AI video generator, Gen-3 Alpha, is now available to all users following weeks of impressive, viral outputs after the model’s release in mid-June.

The details:

  • Runway unveiled Gen-3 Alpha last month, the first model in its next-gen series trained for learning ‘general world models’.

  • Gen-3 Alpha upgrades key features, including character and scene consistency, camera motion and techniques, and transitions between scenes.

  • Gen-3 Alpha is available behind Runway’s ‘Standard’ $12/mo access plan, which gives users 63 seconds of generations a month.

  • On Friday, we’re running a free, hands-on workshop in our AI University covering how to create an AI commercial using Gen-3, ElevenLabs, and Midjourney.

Why it matters: Despite impressive recent releases from KLING and Luma Labs, Runway’s Gen-3 Alpha model feels like the biggest leap AI video has taken since Sora. However, the tiny generation limits for non-unlimited plans might be a hurdle for power users.


The Rundown: Codeium is a free AI-powered coding assistant that helps developers ship high-quality code faster than ever.

This powerful tool offers:

  • Intelligent autocomplete for faster coding

  • Prompt-based code generation for complex tasks

  • Full repo context awareness for more accurate suggestions

  • Chat support for instant coding insights and problem-solving

Ready to revolutionize your coding workflow? Try Codeium now — it's free and always will be.


Image source: Motorola

The Rundown: Motorola just launched its ‘Styled By Moto’ ad campaign, an entirely AI-generated fashion spot promoting its new line of Razr folding smartphones — created using nine different AI tools, including Sora and Midjourney.

The details:

  • The 30-second video features AI-generated models wearing outfits inspired by Motorola's iconic ‘batwing’ logo in settings like runways and photo shoots.

  • Each look was created from thousands of AI-generated images, incorporating the brand's logo and colors of the new Razr phone line.

  • Tools used include OpenAI’s Sora, Adobe Firefly, Midjourney, Krea, Magnific, Luma, and more — reportedly taking over four months of research.

  • The 30-second spot is also set to an AI-generated soundtrack incorporating the ‘Hello Moto’ jingle, created using Udio.

Why it matters: This is a fascinating look at the AI-powered stack used by a major brand, and a glimpse at how tools can (and will) be combined to open new creative avenues. It’s also another example of the shift in discourse surrounding AI’s use in marketing — potentially paving the way for wider acceptance and integration.


The Rundown: Anthropic Claude’s new ‘Artifacts‘ feature lets you run and visualize code directly in your chat window, revolutionizing how we interact with AI-generated code.


  1. Access Claude 3.5 Sonnet on Claude AI and enable Artifacts in Future Preview settings.

  2. Start a new chat. To see its potential, write: “Demonstrate some Artifacts you can make.”

  3. Request code generation for your specific use case (e.g., React components, websites)

  4. Interact with the generated Artifact - preview, modify, and expand on it!


The Rundown: Intent agent. Context agent. Tool agent. Numbers Station brings a multi-agent architecture to data analytics—using LLMs to disrupt traditional data workflows one hyper-specialized agent at a time.

Key features include:

  • A semantic layer so your business users can speak to it in high-level language

  • Seamless integration with your existing data warehouse

  • An agent for each node of the data stack

Skip the waitlist and request a demo.


Image source: Lmsys

The Rundown: Lmsys researchers just published new research detailing RouteLLM, an open-source framework for cost-effective routing between large language models.

The details:

  • RouteLLM learns to route queries between a stronger, more expensive LLM and a weaker, cheaper LLM to optimize cost and performance.

  • The system acts as a filter to determine which LLM a message is sent to, using human preference data to determine correct routing.

  • In tests routing between GPT-4 and Mixtral-8x7B, RouteLLM achieved significant cost savings while maintaining 95% of GPT-4's performance.

Why it matters: As LLMs grow more powerful, intelligent routing can help significantly reduce the often expensive costs while maintaining quality outputs. Routers may eventually also make sense for filtering user queries to the most capable or specialized LLMs — taking advantage of different models’ strengths and weaknesses.


  • 🎥 Runway Gen-3 - The most high-fidelity, fast, and controllable video generation

  • 🎨 Plus AI Powerpoint Maker - Generate PowerPoint presentations in minutes

  • 🎓 MagicSchool - Streamline teacher lesson planning, communication, feedback, and more

  • 💡 Walling - Organize and present your idea with AI

  • 🗣️ Fluently - Refine English speaking skills with an AI language coach

  • Gumloop - Skip the learning curve, automate any workflow with AI

  • 👨‍💻 OpenAI - Engineering Manager, Supercomputing

  • 💼 UiPath - Acquisition Account Executive

  • 📊 Palantir - Deployment Strategist

  • 🔧 Databricks - Sr. Solutions Engineer


Microsoft AI CEO Mustafa Suleyman is facing backlash after claiming that all publicly available online content is ‘freeware’ for AI training during an interview with CNBC.

Robinhood acquired AI investment platform Pluto, with plans to integrate advanced data analytics and personalized strategies into its trading app.

Elon Musk revealed that Grok-2 will be released in August, and will improve on the problem of LLMs being trained on data from other models.

Meta updated its AI content labeling from ‘Made with AI’ to ‘AI info’ following complaints from photographers of incorrect flagging and a lack of context.

French antitrust regulators are reportedly set to charge Nvidia with anti-competitive practices, marking the first regulatory action against the AI chip giant.

K Health raised $50M for its AI-powered primary care platform, bringing the company’s valuation to $900M as it aims to expand its U.S. market presence and AI capabilities.



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