How to enable ChatGPT Plugins

PLUS: This Japanese company is turning humans into cyborgs

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  • OpenAI enables plugins to ChatGPT+ users

  • JIZAI ARMS turn humans into cyborgs

  • Amazons secret AI robotcodenamed Burnham

  • Epic Games introducesUnreal Engine 5.2

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OpenAI just announced a massive update to all ChatGPT Plus users, allowing access to web browsing and 70 beta plugins. The beta plugins include a vast range, from text-to-audio conversions to real-time data on stocks and crypto. However, the Web Browsing feature is our favorite by far.

To access these updates, launch ChatGPT, click on your username in the bottom left corner, select 'Settings,' then 'Beta features.' From this menu, activate the features you wish to use.

Note: The 'Beta features' tab is being gradually introduced to ChatGPT Plus users, so don't worry if you don't see it yet - it's on its way!

Making a ChatGPT plugin right now is probably the equivalent of the opportunity of creating an app for the iPhone App Store at inception. You should probably join the plugin developer waitlist ASAP with this link.

JIZAI ARMS, a Japanese robotics company, designed a system of six spider-like robotic limbs that the user can fully control, essentially turning humans into cyborgs.

The arms can be attached, detached, or replaced, aiming to transform how humans interact with robots and AI. The company envisions these "digital cyborgs" to enable social interaction between multiple wearers, creating a society where humans and machines coexist seamlessly.

Some use cases of these robotic arms include working in warehouses to hospital surgery rooms. However, the most significant impact could be improving the lives of people with disabilities.

Pretty soon, youll be able to read our newsletter and eat breakfast at the same time. The future is weird.

A leaked internal document by Insider reports that Amazon is working on a secret AI project named Burnham, aimed at enhancing the intelligence of Amazons Astro robot with AI.

The new tech promises to add a conversational interface and a deeper understanding of household contexts, allowing Astro to accurately remember and respond to situations.

This might include alerting homeowners about a stove left on, calling 911 in emergencies, or finding lost keys. While the advancements in AI are exciting, the notion of a highly intelligent robot in our homes might give one pause for thought.

Epic Games has unveiled its Machine Learning Deformer on Unreal Engine 5.2. The sample showcases Unreal Engine's ML technology's potential in crafting insanely high-quality, next-gen characters complete with muscle, flesh, AND cloth simulations.

The development signifies an exciting leap forward in character creation, pushing the boundaries of realism in gaming and beyond. Its only a matter of time before AI integration with this tech can auto-generate hyperrealistic characters in video games such as the highly anticipated GTA6.

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