Elon puts his life in AI's hands

PLUS: Alibaba's new image-reading AI models

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Elon Musk cruising around Palo Alto might not normally make headlines.

But when the new Tesla update is entirely powered by AI

In todays rundown:

  •  Musk demos Tesla's AI-only self-driving tech

  • Alibaba makes AI leap with image reading models

  • 儭 7 new AI tools

  •  Create personalized gifts with AI

  • 3 quick AI updates

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Image source: Elon Musk on X

The Rundown: Elon Musk live-streamed a demo for Tesla's latest "Full Self-Driving" software on Saturday which relies entirely on AI with no hand-coded rules.


  • Neural networks trained on large volumes of driving data power the AI, which was able to effortlessly handle turns, speed adjustments, and obstacles during the joyride around Palo Alto, CA.

  • The system navigated construction zones, bicyclists, and roundabouts it had never seen before with Musk taking control just once when the car wrongly tried entering a busy intersection.

  • FSD V12 marks a major shift from earlier versions which relied on programming logic and code, and is being tested by employees globally to improve through more real-world AI training data.

Relevance: Though imperfections remain, Musk's demo highlights rapid advances in AI capabilities and shows that autonomous driving is another sector ready to be supercharged by artificial intelligence.


The Rundown: Do you have a game-changing AI product, but dont know how to market it? Innovating with AI has the answers.

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Image source: Alibaba

The Rundown: Chinese tech giant Alibaba unveiled two new open-source AI models on Friday that can understand images and have more complex conversations, representing a big advance for China's tech sector.

Key points:

  • The two releases, Qwen-VL and Qwen-VL Chat are vision language models that read images rather than text (unlike ChatGPT and Bard).

  • Qwen-VL can generate captions for images and answer open-ended visual queries.

  • Qwen-VL Chat can compare multiple images and sustain dialogues.

  • The models come on the heels of Chinas first AI regulations greenlighting releases and continue the intensifying US-China rivalry brewing over future AI dominance.

Why it matters: With its ambitious AI push, China is signaling it won't cede tech leadership. While the US has plenty of competition in-house, dont count out major players like Alibaba as the global AI field continues to grow stronger.


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California firefighters are training AI to scan live feeds for early signs of smoke and rapidly detect emerging wildfires. Though still in the early stages, the AI pilot has improved response times, catching some fires before 911 calls.

AI startup Ideogram just launched with $16.5M in funding, aiming to outshine Midjourney and Dall-E 2 by reliably generating text and typography within images. Its web app opened in beta this week, showing impressive lettering capabilities but the overall image quality is reportedly inconsistent, and core features like zooming are still a bit lacking.

Spain just announced the establishment of an agency to oversee artificial intelligence, becoming one of the first EU countries with a national AI regulator. The AESIA aligns with Spain's goals to be a world leader in ethical AI and comes ahead of the AI Act, which mandates agencies for all countries in the EU.


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