Elon Musk Vs. OpenAI

PLUS: ChatGPT quietly rolls out new feature

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

The latest lawsuit just got slammed on OpenAI’s doorway — this time from none other than its former co-founder, Elon Musk.

But does Elon know something that we don’t, or is just jealousy of OpenAI’s recent success? Let’s get into it…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Elon Musk sues Sam Altman and OpenAI

  • ChatGPT quietly rolls out ‘Read Aloud’

  • Transform any picture into a sticker

  • Microsoft’s 70x more energy-efficient LLM

  • 7 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: Getty Images / Reuters

The Rundown: Elon Musk just sued OpenAI and CEO Sam Altman over claims that the AI firm abandoned its founding mission to benefit humanity in favor of profits with Microsoft.

The details:

  • The lawsuit claims OpenAI breached its nonprofit charter and licensing terms by keeping GPT-4 secret and proprietary.

  • Musk seeks to force OpenAI back to its original mission of developing open and safe AGI technology, which he believes has shifted since helping co-found the company in 2015.

  • Musk also believes the new board lacks the expertise to determine if breakthroughs like the rumored Q* system reach AGI.

  • The filing also highlights the complexity of OpenAI’s corporate structure, with 8 different sub-companies listed in the lawsuit.

Why it matters: Elon Musk's history with OpenAI adds a new layer of intrigue to the most captivating story in tech. While the lawsuit's outcome is uncertain, it is likely to uncover several mysteries surrounding OpenAI, including the departure of Ilya Sutskever, the Q* breakthrough, and more. Stay tuned…


The Rundown: With Hubspot’s free ChatGPT guide, you can learn real-world tips to boost productivity, automate tasks, and maximize AI’s potential in your work.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Enhance work efficiency and boost productivity with ChatGPT.

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  • Gain insights about generative AI’s impact on business and the future of work.


Image source: @teddynae on X

The Rundown: A new ChatGPT feature called ‘Read Aloud‘ has been quietly rolling out to a select group of users on both mobile and desktop versions, with no official announcement from OpenAI.

The details:

  • Read Aloud allows ChatGPT to read the answers it generates aloud using an AI-generated voice.

  • Users can select and change the voice of ChatGPT in settings, with five options currently available: Ember, Breeze, Cove, Juniper, and Sky.

  • The rollout of Read Aloud appears to be limited to a small number of users, but we expect an official announcement and broader rollout shortly.

  • Images were obtained via direct message to our team from the user @TeddyNAE on X.

Why it matters: While ChatGPT's voice memo feature on its mobile app is a great conversational partner, it was lacking one important quality: the ability to respond via voice. The new feature will now allow ChatGPT to read messages it generates back to users — greatly increase accessibility to the tech.


The Rundown: In this tutorial, you will learn how to turn any image into a sticker, unlocking endless possibilities for customizing your digital and physical spaces.


  1. Visit the “face-to-sticker” model in Replicate. You can try it completely free.

  2. Select a good picture and upload it. Ideally, choose an image where there is enough contrast between a solid background and the main subject.

  3. Edit the prompt to closely match your chosen picture and play around with the different settings the model offers, e.g., width, height, seeds, or even upscale.

  4. Click “Run” and watch your image magically turn into a sticker 🎉


Image source: Microsoft Research

The Rundown: Microsoft Research just published a new paper titled “The Era of 1-bit LLMs”, introducing a new LLM variant breakthrough that’s just 1-bit in size, called BitNet b1.58.

The details:

  • BitNet b1.58 is a 1.58-bit LLM variant where every parameter is ternary {-1, 0, 1}.

  • The LLM variant matches the performance of full-precision (FP16) LLMs starting from a 3B size.

  • It’s a whopping 70x more energy efficient and 4x smaller than LLaMA LLM.

Why it matters: With energy consumption being a critical challenge in scaling LLMs, BitNet b1.58 demonstrates a new approach to enable wider deployment of AI systems while maintaining performance and dramatically improving energy efficiency.


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OpenAI Sora’s latest AI video generation is going viral across all of social media (again) — with impressive generations now over sixty-seconds long.

Inflection AI released an Apple iMessages version of its conversational, friend-like chatbot, allowing you to text the personal AI on-the-go.

Dell Technologies stock shares soared over 34% over the past 5 days after beating earning expectations due to a significant rise in demand for AI servers.

California has given Waymo permission to expand its autonomous robo-taxi operations to highways in Los Angeles and the Bay area, now allowing the cars to drive at up to 65mph.

Groq, a popular AI chip startup, has acquired Definitive Intelligence to scale it’s cloud platform called GroqCloud that offers on-demand access to its AI chips.

Motorolla teased a new video of the company’s first AI-powered Android phone to challenge Samsung’s current ‘AI phone throne’.

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