Dark web ChatGPT is here...

PLUS: Amazon doubles down on AI

Happy Friday!

Amidst all the craziness happening in the world of AI right now, a dark web version of ChatGPT has emerged.

And its already sold over 3,000 subscriptions in 6 days

In todays AI rundown:

  • Dark web version of ChatGPT emerges

  • Amazon doubles down on AI

  • AI designs interior and lets you buy furniture instantly

  • 5 New AI tools and 3 quick hits

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Image source: The Hacker News

The Rundown: A new cybercrime generative AI tool called FraudGPT is being advertised on the Dark web and Telegram channels, offering offensive capabilities like crafting spear-phishing emails and creating undetectable malware.


  • FraudGPT is positioned as an "all-in-one" solution for cybercriminals its features include writing malicious code, creating phishing pages, and finding leaks and vulnerabilities.

  • It has already gained over 3,000confirmed sales and reviews.

  • Security experts emphasize the need for continuous innovation in cybersecurity defenses to combat these emerging threats.

Why it matters: Scammers can now look more realistic than ever before and at a larger scale. The sad truth is that the emergence of cybercrime AI tools like FraudGPT is just beginning.


The Rundown: Supermanage helps managers and teams prepare for exceptional 1-on-1s.

Use AI to magically distill your teams public Slack channels into a real-time brief on any employee, any time.

Catch up on contributions, challenges, and sentiment everything you need to show up ready for a truly meaningful conversation.


Image source: AWS Summit New York

The Rundown: Amazon Web Service announced major updates and new services to strengthen its position as the cloud provider of choice for organizations using generative AI.

Key points:

  • The announcements include expanding the AI foundation model service called Bedrock to support more models like Cohere and Anthropic Claude 2.

  • AWS introduced a Bedrock agent capability to simplify generative AI application development without writing code.

  • The cloud giant extended vector engine support to its OpenSearch serverless search service.

  • Generative AI was integrated into the Amazon Quicksight business intelligence service, enabling business analysts to use natural language queries.

  • AWS aims to bring more developments throughout the year.

Why it matters: Finally, all of Amazon's recent AI-related job openings are starting to make sense.Amazon is doubling down on AI!


Image source: Wayfair

The Rundown: Wayfair's new tool, Decorify, uses generative AI to restyle rooms based on uploaded pictures and styles, offering instant furniture recommendations ready for purchase.


  • Decorify uses generative AI to redecorate rooms based on uploaded pictures and selected styles.

  • Users receive instant furniture recommendations for the remodeled room.

  • The recommended furniture can be purchased directly from Wayfair.

  • Wayfair plans to fine-tune the AI model to provide even more specific matches with their products in the future.

Our take: We wouldnt have expected a furniture company to be on the cusp of the AI revolution, but here we are. Even more surprising is that this ranks amongst the top tier of useful AI tool integrations among large companies.


Glu AI lets you launch in-app quizzes in 60 seconds

Contemberhelps you go from concept to web app in seconds

LiarLiardetects lies in real-time during your online meetings

IconAIgenerates professional icons in just a few clicks

AskYourDatabaseconnects to your database and and lets you chat with your data

Supertools organizes 100s of AI tools for you in one spot


Meta signed a collaboration agreement with 'India AI' to work together on AI research and development in India. The partnership aims to make Meta's open-source AI models accessible for solving challenges, promoting responsible AI practices, and supporting India's digital growth.

ElevenLabs has expanded its range of voices in Speech Synthesis and Projects Alpha. The new voices, created in collaboration with industry professionals, offer a wider range of delivery styles, accents, and improved audio quality, providing more options for creative projects.

A coalition of open-source AI stakeholders, including Hugging Face and GitHub, is urging EU policymakers to protect open-source innovation in the EU AI Act. They are concerned that certain obligations favoring closed and proprietary AI development could harm the open AI ecosystem.


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