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Coca-Colas latest flavor invention has an interesting co-creator...

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  • Coke's new mystery flavor created with AI

  • 15 major companies sign White House AI pledge

  • 儭 7 New AI tools

  •  Get 1-on-1 fitness guidance from AI

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Image source: Coca-Cola

The Rundown: Coca-Cola released a new limited-edition mystery drink called Y3000, using AI to help determine the undisclosed flavor profile and futuristic packaging.

The details:

  • Y3000 taps into Coke's Creations platform of limited flavored drinks aimed at younger consumers.

  • To create Y3000's flavor, Coke gathered human insights on tastes associated with the future and then used AI to generate flavor combinations.

  • The can design was also AI-generated with the company feeding AI mood board images based on the futuristic theme.

The relevance: Will AI-generated flavors become the new frontier of soda innovation? Probably not. But its a clever play by Coke to capitalize on the buzzy AI hype for its latest concoction. Try it out, and let us know how it tastes!


The Rundown: AI is coming, and you need to start thinking of ways to integrate AI into your company or risk falling behind.

The solution: AE Studio helps businesses thrive by developing high-impact custom software and AI/ML solutions tailored to specific use cases.

  • Need a Minimum Viable Product?

  • Enterprise Digital Transformation Initiative?

  • Custom AI/ML Solutions?

Work with AE's world-class team to leverage AI in your company and accomplish your goals faster than the competition.


Image source: Midjourney

The Rundown: Nvidia, IBM, Palantir, and twelve other major tech companies signed on to the White House's voluntary AI commitment this week joining Meta, Microsoft, and others in a pledge to develop AI safely and mitigate risks.

Key points:

  • The pledge includes vows to properly label AI content, assess risks, and share safety data.

  • The expansion shows the White House's growing focus on guiding AI and pressures Google, Amazon, and Apple to get on board.

  • The White Houses current view, according to Jeff Zients: The President has been clear: harness the benefits of AI, manage the risks, and move fast very fast.

Our take: The tech giants are playing friendly with Washington (for now) with these voluntary pledges. But history shows that the government often lags behind tech innovation will these vows be enough to constrain AI's unpredictable evolution?


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Struggling to stay motivated with your workout routine? ChatGPT can help guide your unique need for getting started with your fitness journey.

Try some of these prompt options:

  • Suggest workout plans based on your goals, experience level, and equipment access

  • Create customized meal plans to reach your nutrition targets

  • Recommend modifications to exercises based on injury history

  • Give real-time feedback and adjustments during cardio, HIIT, or strength sessions

Remember: the more context you provide = the better results.


Webinar Alert! DeepBrain AI and Lenovo present a solution for customizing and running LLMs on the edge. Providing a private & secure AI Human customer service experience. Join them on September 25 at 8 AM Pacific.

Silicon Valley chip startup Enfabrica just snagged $125M in funding, with backing from (the legendary) Nvidia. The company designs networking chips to better feed data to Nvidia GPUs for AI computing and aims to use chips more efficiently as data centers are redesigned for generative AI.

Michael Chabon and other famous authors just filed a lawsuit accusing Meta of using their work to train its Llama AI model. The claim adds to the growing list of copyright cases against the major AI companies, with the authors alleging that pirated versions of their writing are included in the models training datasets.


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