Chinese Tech Giants Enter Generative AI

PLUS: Germany considers banning ChatGPT

In today's rundown:

  • Chinese tech giants enter generative AI: Alibaba and Huawei

  • Microsoft brings Bing to Android: SwiftKey integration

  • Germany considers banning ChatGPT: First Italy, now Germany

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Chinese Tech Giants Enter Generative AI

Since the release of ChatGPT, Chinese users have flooded demand for the chatbot as per Google Trends 'Interest by region' data.

Chinese tech giants Alibaba and Huawei are reportedly gearing up to meet their local demand for generative AI chatbots in the next coming weeks.

Alibaba plans to launch its large-scale AI model on April 11 at the 2023 Cloud Summit, with Huawei revealing its generative AI service, Pangu, on April 8.

While it Silicon Valley has the upper hand in generative AI right now, we have our eyes on China. The demand is there, and Chinese tech giants will undoubtedly take advantage of this.

Microsoft Brings Bing to Android

Microsoft is bringing Bing's AI chatbot into the SwiftKey keyboard for Android. Here's the rundown:

  • Usual chat mode for seamless chatbot access

  • Tone mode that rewrites text within the keyboard

  • Bing mobile app becomes redundant with SwiftKey integration

The integration has started rolling out to SwiftKey Beta users, enabling them to access Bing Chat with just a tap in any app. Although the iOS (iPhone) version of SwiftKey has seen irregular updates, we suspect the Bing integration will soon appear on the iPhone keyboard.

Key takeaway: Is Android gaining an edge over Apple... for once?

Germany Considers Banning ChatGPT

Just a few days after the privacy regulator in Italy sent the entire country back to the stone age with the ban of ChatGPT, Germany has suggested the country may follow due to security concerns.

Italy banned ChatGPT after accusations of unlawful personal data collection and neglecting to prevent minors from using the service. However, the ultimate concern stems from the lack of legal governance in mass data collection to "train" algorithms.

Germany's Chief of Data Protection, Ulrich Kelber, has suggested that "In principle, such action is also possible in Germany" after communicating with the Italians.

Of note: Data privacy watchdogs in other EU nations, such as France and Ireland, are also in contact with the Italian data regulator to discuss its findings.

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