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PLUS: Canva launches new AI tools

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  • ChatGPT releases plugins: The app store of ChatGPT

  • Canva launches new AI tools: Transforming creativity

  • Unity gives a sneak peak: Insider program

  • Today's giveaway: 500+ best ChatGPT prompts

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ChatGPT Releases Plugins

Things just keep getting crazier in AI. The team at OpenAI just released plugins for ChatGPT, effectively making thousands of websites completely obsolete.

Developers are now dropping everything to rush and go all in on creating ChatGPT plugins, with many labeling it as the equivalent of the initial release of the iOS App Store.

Some of the first third-party plugins have been created by Expedia, Instacart, OpenTable, Shopify, Slack, Speak, Wolfram, Zapier, and more. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Expedia- Planning trips and booking accommodations

  • Instacart- Ordering groceries

  • OpenTable- Getting restaurant recommendations and booking

  • Shopify- Searching for products from the world's greatest brands

  • Speak- Learning languages

  • Wolfram- Accessing computation, math, and real-time data

  • Zapier- Interacting with 5,000+ apps like Google Sheets, Trello, and Gmail

Another incredible new capability includes a new plugin that uses the Bing API, allowing ChatGPT to browse the current, up-to-date internet.Watch demo.

History is unraveling right before our very eyes. This is yet another opportunity for developers to create million-dollar startups, and we're incredibly excited to cover and unravel all of the products that will come out of this.

Canva Launches New AI Tools

At Canva's "Canva Create" event, they announced a suite of new AI tools on top of their existing Text-to-image and Magic write features. Here's the rundown:

  • Magic Design: Personalized templates based on uploaded images

  • Draw Your Ideas: Enhanced drawing with shape recognition

  • Translate Designs: Instant text conversion across 100+ languages

  • Magic Eraser/Edit: Quick photo editing and element swapping

  • Beat Sync: Align video footage to soundtrack beats

  • Magically Generate Presentations: Automatic draft creation

  • Create an Animation: Professional animations with a drawn path

  • Improved Text-to-Image: 16 higher quality outputs and 68% faster generation

Along with these new tools, they upgraded text-to-image with 16x higher quality outputs and 68% faster generation. View demos of all the tools here.

Unity Gives a Sneak Peak

Unity is diving into the world of artificial intelligence by developing AI tools for its creative suite.

The company recently announced Unity AI, an ecosystem designed to provide AI-powered game development tools to millions of creators. Key features:

  • Open and unique AI ecosystem for game development

  • The ability for creators to quickly create and deliver real-time 3D content and experiences

  • Prompt-based system that generates or collects assets for developers' projects

As of now, the signup for the Unity AI Insider program released on Twitter is the only route for developers to access the beta and receive further details when they are released.

Join the insider program here.

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  • Insight7- ChatGPT for customer feedback. Visually identify themes, insights, sentiment, and even the insight source. 100% automated (link)

  • Quizgecko- Generate quizzes from any text, URL or file (link)

  • Call My Link- AI meeting portal. Listens/transcribes live meetings (link)

  • Straiberry- AI based dental checkup with more than 90% accuracy (link)

  • Consensus- Ask a question, get conclusions from research papers (link)

  • ClipDrop- The ecosystem of apps, plugins & resources for all creators (link)

  • Dreamlife- Take a photo with your phone and get designs within seconds (link)

  • Keeper- AI-driven online dating matchmaking (link)

  • Alexa ChatGPT- Use ChatGPT in Alexa (link)

  • Great Headlines- Write hooky headlines, fast with AI (link)

  • Fliki- Turn text into videos with AI voices (link)

  • Paradiso- Text, voices, and videos with a human-like spokesperson (link)

  • Mixo- Launch a startup in seconds with AI (link)

  • Pragma- streamlines customer messaging and knowledge (link)

  • Praygen- GPT based prayer generator (link)

  • 1-decision- Provides everyday busy parents with an AI decision maker (link)

  • Promptpal- Discover all the best AI prompts (link)

  • Promptitude- Develop, test, manage, and improve prompts in one place (link)

  • Exemplary- Convert audio & video into engaging content (link)

  • Aura AI- Writing assistant built into your iOS keyboard (link)

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