ChatGPT just got fresh upgrades

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In today's rundown:

  • OpenAI launches a new ChatGPT feature

  • Zoom partners with Anthropic Claude

  • ∴ Zapier launches AI automation features

  • 15 fresh new AI tools & resources

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The folks over at OpenAI just updated ChatGPT with an extremely helpful feature that was, quite frankly, a little overdue.

This feature introduces a fresh "Continue generating" button alongside the customary "Regenerate response" button. The function eliminates the need to type "continue" for lengthier responses and inputs.

The future generations will never understand the early hardships us OGs went through. One day we can tell our kids that back in our days, we had to type continue. They probably wont believe us.

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Zoom is making headlines in the world of AI as they announce a collaboration with Anthropic to incorporate the Claude chatbot into its services.

The implementation includes assisting customer support agents in directing customers toward suitable solutions in Zooms Contact Center. A little boring, but still worth noting that Zoom is keeping up with the pace of AI.

Remember, Zoom already has other AI integrations with their AI meeting summaries and message drafts. And with Zoom Ventures (Zooms startup investment arm) also disclosing their investment in Anthropic, we will likely see more of Claude in their services soon.

The team at Zapier has been diligently working to make AI accessible to everyone. They've recently unveiled two new beta AI features that simplify the automation process and allow you to create zaps with a breeze.

The first feature allows users to "Create a Zap," essentially enabling the automation of workflows through straightforward natural language input. Think of it as ChatGPT, but specifically designed for generating zaps.

The second feature empowers users to customize their workflows as if they were coding, but with a twist: you don't have to write any code at all. Instead, just articulate your requirements, and it will generate all the necessary code for you. Truly innovative!

Trending Tools

  • Feathery- The first-ever AI form builder. Generate digital forms for any use casein seconds (link)

  • Dexa- Ask questions, search topics, and receive instant answers to your favorite podcasts (link)

  • Vimcal- Your calendar, on steroids just launched (link)

  • Gamma New Feature- Instant presentations generated from your existing notes and docs (link)

  • PlaylistAI- A new ChatGPT plugin for creating Spotify playlists (link)

  • Alpha- A new investing copilot powered by GPT-4 (link)

  • AdAgency- DIY tool for crafting impactful ad campaigns (link)

  • RoastHimJim- A witty AI reply bot on Twitter (link)

  • Real vs Machine- Fun game to guess if an image is AI-generated or not (link)

  • YouLearn- Learn any YouTube video with AI (link)

  • Narrative BI- A generative analytics platform for growth teams (link)

  • Golden- Factual accuracy for AI (link)

  • Stratup- AI-powered startup idea generator (link)

  • A wearable AI that lets you see the world (link)

  • Googles MedPaLM now outperforms physician experts (link)

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