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Unlimited access to GPT-4 is here with ChatGPT Enterprise.

Will OpenAIs latest release change how businesses operate? Lets dive in...

In todays AI rundown:

  •  OpenAI Introduces ChatGPT Enterprise

  • DoorDash rolls out AI voice ordering

  • 7 new AI tools

  • Create maps with ChatGPT

  •  3 quick AI updates

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The Rundown: OpenAI just introduced ChatGPT Enterprise, an organization-focused version of ChatGPT promising better security, customization, and unlimited, higher-speed access to the powerful GPT-4 model.

Key points:

  • Enterprise provides business-grade privacy controls and encryption, and emphasizes that no data will be used to train OpenAIs models.

  • The upgraded version gives unlimited fast access to GPT-4 with no usage caps and has an expanded context window of 32k (compared to ~8k on the normal model) for larger files.

  • Enterprise includes a rebranded version of Code Interpreter called advanced data analysis, as well as shared chat templates to collaborate and build out consistent workflows.

  • The update also includes shareable chat templates for your company to build collaborative workflows!

Our thoughts: So the new ChatGPT is SOC2 compliant (it doesnt train on your data), has no GPT-4 message cap, has no Code Interpreter limit, a 32k context window, AND a new feature in shareable prompt templates.

This is so good it almost sounds like GPT-4.5.


The Rundown: Launching an AI product is no easy task. But Innovating with AI launched two new AI products in 1 month.

Throughout the process, they created a free video lesson and cheat sheet to help teach you to do it yourself.

Youll learn the following:

  • The AI Business Model Matrix: How to combine your skills, interests, and advanced AI tools in unique and exciting ways

  • The AI Venture Mindset: How to use rapid experimentation and industry uncertainty to your advantage

  • The AI Marketing Cookbook: Where to share and promote your new AI-powered business for maximum growth


Image source: Midjourney

The Rundown: DoorDash has just launched AI-powered voice ordering tech, aimed at helping restaurants capture every call and boost revenue.

The details:

  • The move hopes to enable businesses to better answer customer phone calls with a reported 50% (!) currently going unanswered.

  • The tech will allow AI to handle peak call volumes, freeing up human staff to focus on in-store needs.

  • Doordashs AI will provide personalized recommendations during the ordering process and will be available in multiple languages with minimal wait times.

Our take: By filling restaurants' call-handling gap with AI, DoorDash makes a smart play to own the full delivery lifecycle while showing a use case of how AI tech can optimize business processes.


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Did you know that ChatGPT can be your own personal mapmaker?

ChatGPTs Earth plugin lets you visualize locations in every style imaginable - from light to dark, streets to satellite, and more.

To generate a custom map:

  1. Enable the Earth plugin (requires ChatGPT+ membership)

  2. Generate a map using coordinates, specific locations, landmarks, etc. You can also pick specific styles for your map, like light/dark, streets, outdoors, etc.


  • "Create a map of downtown Vancouver, BC in dark, satellite mode."


A recent survey found that more employees welcome AI in the workplace and contrary to mainstream sentiment, 58% of respondents dont believe the technology is a threat to their jobs. Areas where workers felt AI could improve output included enhanced communication, automating tedious tasks, and time management.

Rather than fearing replacement, workers (at least in this survey) see AI's potential to augment human jobs.

Do you believe AI is a threat to your job?

Vote by clicking in the poll below:

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Poe, the AI chatbot platform by Quora, expanded with a Mac desktop app and new capabilities. Users can now chat with multiple bots like Claude and Llama 2 simultaneously with Poe aiming to be the one-stop shop web browser for accessing all AI chatbots. The update also adds Japanese language support and an enterprise service.

Yahoo Mail just unveiled new AI tools, including Shopping Saver which hunts down unused gift cards and discounts in your inbox. Yahoo is leveraging Google's AI cloud tech, and the AI beta expansion also includes tools for search, writing, and message summaries.


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