Bill Gates makes bold predictions for AI

PLUS: Microsoft Copilot can now generate music

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

According to Bill Gates, this year has given humanity an idea of how AI will shape the future.

The Microsoft founder predicts major healthcare, education, climate, and other advances unlocked by AI. Let’s get into it.

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Bill Gates shares his AI predictions for 2024

  • Microsoft Copilot can now generate full AI songs

  • 9 new AI tools to try

  • How to try on anything with AI

  • Airbnb using AI to predict + prevent NYE mayhem

  • TomTom & Microsoft build conversational car bot

  • Pika Labs debuts ‘Modify Region’ video feature

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Image source: Gates Notes

The Rundown: Bill Gates laid out an optimistic vision for AI's growing impact in 2024, sharing his thoughts in a new blog with predictions on how the tech will impact healthcare, education, work, and the broader innovation pipeline.

The details:

  • Gates believes AI will start reaching significant mainstream adoption in advanced economies like the U.S. within 18-24 months.

  • He highlighted ambitious medical AI projects underway, from combatting antibiotic resistance to treating high-risk pregnancies.

  • Gates believes AI will transform learning through individualized tutoring, and applauded innovations like localized chatbots already turning educational content to specific student needs.

  • The Microsoft founder foresees AI broadly augmenting roles and boosting productivity rather than replacing jobs.

The relevance: Gates had previously seemed less excited about the tech than other major figures (notably saying ChatGPT had likely peaked just recently) — but his predictions offer an optimistic and transformative outlook for the upcoming year of AI.


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Image source: Microsoft

The Rundown: Microsoft just integrated music creation app Suno into its Copilot conversational AI, letting users turn text prompts into AI-generated tracks — complete with lyrics, instruments, and vocals.

The details:

  • Suno leverages Copilot's language mastery to synthesize songs encompassing lyrics, instruments, and vocals based on text prompts.

  • The new feature is currently rolling out to Microsoft Edge users and is accessible in Copilot via the plugins tab.

  • Suno says its models don't recognize artists by name and claim to block certain prompts, though users report getting genre-matching requests through.

  • The partnership comes on the heels of major competition in the AI audio space, with Google/YouTube’s Lyria and Meta’s Audiobox also gaining traction.

Our thoughts: We’ve seen some serious innovation in AI audio this year, but this feels like the first to combine elements for a full song. With continuing battles between artists over AI, this innovation will likely raise even more questions about the future of the traditional music industry.


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Ready to be able to try on any piece of clothing while online shopping, and get a perfect representation of how the outfit will look on you? We’re almost there — especially with the new viral Outfit Anyone demo from Alibaba this week.

Give it a try on HuggingFace and test out the future of online shopping:

Step 1: Navigate to the Outfit Anyone demo here.

Step 2: Choose which model from the list you’d like to outfit (the demo only allows the pre-selected options for now).

Step 3: Upload an image of the clothing item you’d like to have the model try on. For outfits that only have one piece (like a dress), upload the image to the ‘top garment’ section and leave the lower one blank.

As shown in the example with a pineapple, you can also upload an image of non-clothing items – the model will do its best to create a similar outfit!

Step 4: Hit ‘run’ and wait for your image to generate!

Here’s our example using the iconic outfit from Austin Powers:


Trying to book a rental for your holiday parties? Think again! Airbnb is deploying an AI system to identify and block high-risk New Year's Eve bookings that could lead to parties — analyzing factors like trip duration and last-minute reservations to avoid destructive NYE rentals.

Digital mapmaker TomTom is teaming with Microsoft to launch an AI-powered voice assistant for vehicles. Leveraging Azure OpenAI to enable natural dialogue with infotainment systems, the bot hints at the future of next-gen in-car experiences.

AI video startup Pika Labs just shipped another wild new feature, bringing a new ‘Modify Region’ tool that allows users to alter specific areas within the frame generation via text prompts. Check out the impressive demo here.

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