AutoGPT is the next big thing in AI

PLUS: A completely AI generated podcast

In today's rundown:

  • AutoGPT: The next big thing in AI

  • AI generated podcast: The Joe Rogan AI Experience

  • Machine learning meteorologists: Can AI predict the weather?

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AutoGPT has been making waves on the internet recently, trending on both GitHub and Twitter. If you thought ChatGPT was crazy, AutoGPT is about to blow your mind.

AutoGPT creates AI "agents" that operate automatically on their own and complete tasks for you. In case you've missed our previous issues covering it, here's a quick rundown:

  • It's open-sourced [code]

  • It works by chaining together LLM "thoughts"

  • It has internet access, long-term and short-term memory, access to popular websites, and file storage

It's been out for a week, and people are already building incredible things. Check out this compilation of insane demos and tutorials on running AI agents for yourself on your computer or phone.

The bottom line: Businesses need to take this technology seriously. AutoGPT is expanding in popularity and will continue improving as developers address current limitations. Rest assured, we'll keep you updated on this groundbreaking development.

AI-Generated Podcast

In terms of media production, we've seen AI-generated music videos and Kanye songs, but this podcast takes things to a whole new level.

The 51-minute podcast recreated an episode of "The Joe Rogan Experience" and was generated entirely using AI. The episode features AI-generated versions of Joe Rogan and Sam Altman discussing various topics, including AI ethics and its impact on content creation.

While it might seem authentic to a casual listener, some moments reveal its AI-generated nature. However, these differences will likely be completely indistinguishable in a few years, and it will be increasingly more difficult to tell what is real from fake in the near future.

Can AI Detect The Weather?

Chatbots with human-like capabilities are getting more powerful and changing our world in various ways daily. But can they help us know what the weather will be like in the future?

Weather 20/20, a forecast service, claims to utilize machine learning to identify recurring patterns and predict events months in advance, a modern take on analog forecasting. The weather service claimed they even used machine learning to predict Hurricane Ian before it happened.

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  • SciSpace- Chrome extension that gives you real-time answers to articles (link)

  • Invicta AI- Turn prompts into powerful, custom and shareable AI models (link)

  • Opus Clip- Turn a long video into 10 viral clips (link)

  • TranslateWithAI- AI translations for any website in minutes (link)

  • MealGenie-Generates custom recipes tailored to your dietary needs (link)

  • WNR- Create and share GPT-4 powered templates (link)

  • AI Query-Generate error free SQL queries in seconds (link)

  • SlidesGPT-ChatGPT for presentations- Powerpoint/Google Slides (link)

  • AI Scraper- Say goodbye to the tedious chore of scraping using AI (link)

  • PrankGPT-Prank anyone with AI generated voice calls (link)

  • QuickGPT- Access ChatGPT from the menu bar, Dock, or using a shortcut (link)

  • Boltic- No-code real time data monitoring platform (link)

  • Krater- Your complete suite of amazing AI tools (link)

  • Namifai- ChatGPT powered domain name generator (link)

  • Corpora- AI chat for your documents (link)

  • HomeByte- AI powered interior designer (link)

  • Nero-Enlarge image size and resolution while maintaining high quality (link)

  • Silly Robot Cards- Turn selfies into personalized greeting cards (link)

  • Reflect-Use GPT-4 in your notes, and to write your own custom prompts (link)

  • FormWise-Create AI tools for lead generation in minutes (link)

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