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PLUS: AI enters the doctors office

Happy Tuesday!

Did you know it was World Environment Day Yesterday?

Unfortunately, it was outshined on Twitter by the most celebrated tech holiday of the year- Apple WWDC Day.

In today's rundown:

  • Apples Huge Announcements at WWDC

  • AI Officially in the Health Field

  • EU Calls For AI Content Labelling

  • 12 New AI Tools & Resources

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Today at Apples Worldwide Developer Conference, WWDC 2023, the tech giant introduced a range of new software updates for its fleet of products including the newly announced Apple Vision Pro Headset.

The hype leading into the event was real, but its safe to say they destroyed expectations. Here were the biggest things announced:

  • A 15 Macbook Air, now the thinnest 15 laptop available

  • The new Mac Pro workstation, presumably a billion dollars

  • M2 Ultra, Apples new super chip

  • NameDrop, an AirDrop-integrated data-sharing feature allowing users to share contact info just by bringing their phones together

  • Journal, an ML-powered personalized journalling app

  • Standby, turning your iPhone into a nightstand alarm clock

  • A new, AI-powered update to autocorrect (finally)

  • Apple Vision Pro, the companys new Augmented Reality headset. This $3499 headset will go down among the biggest tech releases of this decade. Its a lot to digest, so we made a full rundown here.

An interesting takeaway- Apple didnt mention Artificial Intelligence once but instead said Machine Learning when applicable.

PR training mustve been tight for this one

Will you be buying the Apple Vision Pro for $3499?


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From our partners

Looking for the highest quality AI voice generator?

Used in television shows, broadcast news, advertisements, and video games, PlayHT is bringing human-like AI voice generation to everyone through:

  • A library of ultra-realistic voice

  • Multiple accents and speaking styles to fit your exact needs

  • High-Fidelity and Instant voice cloning technology

  • A Rich-Text editor

  • And even API access

Carbon Health Technologies, a clinic chain, has unveiled a groundbreaking tool. It utilizes AI to generate medical records, freeing doctors to focus on patient care rather than administrative tasks by:

  1. Recording and transcribing patient appointments using Amazon Transcribe Medical.

  2. Combining the transcript with other information, like lab results and notes from the doctor, to generate a summary of the patients visit.

  3. Create instructions based on the summary, using GPT-4 for patient care and codes for diagnoses and billing.

The crazy part- almost 90% of submitted transcripts require no editing from the healthcare provider. So while we may not have robot doctors just yet, AI is already making an impact in the doctors office.

The EU has called on major social media companies like Google and Facebook to label AI-generated content to combat fake news and disinformation.

Twitter has also been warned of swift sanctions if it fails to comply with the EU's new digital content laws, as the company withdrew from the EUs code.

The EU has also made it clear that they are focusing on disinformation, particularly from Russia, urging companies to increase fact-checking efforts in Eastern Europe, where Russian disinformation campaigns pose a significant threat.

As the leader in tech company regulation, the EU is developing separate laws on AI and sees the code of practice as a stepping stone to prepare for the upcoming regulatory regime a little dystopian, if you ask us.

Trending Tools & Resources

  • A one-stop solution for seamless AI integration. Choose from over 100+ AI applications to find the perfect fit for your problem* (link)

  • Quest AI- Convert napkin drawings into React components or Apps w/ AI (link)

  • Zendesk AI- AI to superpower your support team on Zendesk (link)

  • Narrated Tours- The first AI audio tour guide for all your travels (link)

  • Albus for Notion- Built-for-you GPT-4, contextual knowledge base using Notion (link)

  • Allinpod AI- Create engaging audio and video content with Besties (link)

  • SmartyNames- Business Name Generator with AI (link)

  • Astral- Sell your expertise, not your time (link)

  • Bolty- Have your landing page roasted by AI (link)

  • How AI could save the stock market (link)

  • Andrew Ng responds to AIs risk of human extinction (link)

  • New OpenAI developer resources dropped (link)

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