Apple and Meta discuss major AI partnership

PLUS: AI blood tests for Parkinson's detection

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

While Apple and OpenAI just went official with their partnership, other giants are angling to get in on the Apple Intelligence bandwagon — even bitter foes.

With Meta now in talks to get in on the action, is AI the olive branch that ends one of Silicon Valley’s biggest feuds? Let’s get into it…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Apple and Meta begin talks on AI deal

  • Stability AI gets new leadership

  • Search with Perplexity’s Focus feature

  • AI blood test for Parkinson's detection

  • 6 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: Midjourney

The Rundown: Apple is reportedly in talks with Meta to integrate the social media giant’s generative AI models into Apple Intelligence — signaling a potential thaw in the two rival’s previously icy relationship.

The details:

  • Apple is exploring partnerships beyond OpenAI, with Meta, Perplexity, and Anthropic potentially joining ChatGPT in the new Apple Intelligence system.

  • The talks are surprising due to the companies’ long-standing rivalry, particularly over privacy issues and Apple App Store policies.

  • The rumored deal structure would allow Meta and other AI partners to offer premium subscriptions through Apple devices, with Apple taking a revenue cut.

  • Apple software chief Craig Federighi hinted at the company's plan to offer multiple AI options at WWDC.

Why it matters: This potential partnership signals a major change from the longtime rivals… But maybe the AI revolution is what brings us all together? For Apple, securing a variety of models gives users the best possible choice for any task — while Meta gets a massive new distribution model for its AI efforts.


The Rundown: CleeAI is a highly-accurate AI-powered search platform, delivering trustworthy, real-time answers backed by verified sources.

CleeAI offers:

  • Unparalleled accuracy through high contextual awareness and source verification

  • Real-time information retrieval from live sources

  • Cited source links from verified authorities, presented alongside responses

  • AI research partnership for brainstorming, Q&A, market reports, and more

Explore CleeAI today and experience the future of search.


Image source: Getty Images / The Information

The Rundown: Open-source AI startup Stability AI has reportedly appointed a new CEO and has received a cash injection, following months of turmoil and the departure of former CEO Emad Mostaque.

The details:

  • Former Weta Digital CEO Prem Akkaraju is stepping in as Stability AI's new chief executive, who is also part of the new investor group providing funding.

  • Also in the investor group is Napster co-founder and former Facebook president Sean Parker, who is also joining the company’s board of directors.

  • Stability previously raised over $100M at over a $1B valuation but lost over $30M in Q1 and reportedly still owes around $100M in bills.

Why it matters: After a rough 2024, Stability AI is finally getting some much-needed… Stability. But is it enough? The rescue attempt could give the startup a second chance — but given the behind-the-scenes drama, brain drain, and reported financial issues, turning the ship around will be no small feat.


The Rundown: Perplexity's new ‘Focus’ feature allows you to fine-tune your search queries by narrowing down the sources for more targeted and relevant results.


  1. Visit the Perplexity website and log in, or create an account for free.

  2. Select the ‘Focus’ option below the search bar.

  3. Choose a category (i.e., Academic, Writing, Wolfram|Alpha, YouTube, and Reddit).

  4. Enter your search query and press Enter to review the filtered, relevant results.

  5. Adjust focus categories as needed for different types of searches.


The Rundown: Shopify just unveiled its Summer ’24 Edition, which includes a series of new and enhanced features and tools harnessing the power of AI to solve pain points entrepreneurs face when running their businesses.

AI news this Edition features:

  • AI-powered product creation for accurate listings and improved discoverability

  • Intelligent suggested replies in Shopify Inbox for streamlined customer support

  • Media Editor for seamless AI image generation across the platform and on mobile

  • Sidekick, an AI-enabled commerce assistant, offering tailored guidance for business needs is now available in early access

Learn more about how Shopify’s latest AI innovations are unlocking the full potential for retailers across the globe.


Image source: Midjourney

The Rundown: Researchers just developed an AI-powered blood test that can predict Parkinson's disease up to 7 years before symptoms appear, potentially revolutionizing early diagnosis and treatment.

The details:

  • The AI analyzes key markers in blood samples linked to inflammation and protein degradation, attempting to predict which patients would develop the disease.

  • In a 10-year study, the test correctly identified 79% of patients who later developed Parkinson's.

  • The AI model predicted Parkinson's up to 7 years before clinical symptoms emerged in some cases.

  • Researchers hope to develop a simple finger-prick version for widespread screenings.

Why it matters: AI’s ability to find subtle patterns in previously undetectable biological data is unlocking new diagnostic capabilities. By catching a debilitating disease years before the onset of symptoms, patients can get earlier access to treatment aimed at prevention.


  • 💡 Magnific AI Magic Relight - Change the lighting and background of a scene with prompts

  • 🔉 Video to Sound Effects Generator - Upload videos and get instant sound effects

  • 🎥 Tellers - Turn any article or story into a video in seconds

  • 🚀 Replit - Build, share, and ship software faster with AI

  • 💖 Dot for iOS - Personalized AI iOS app that learns and grows alongside you

  • AI or Not - Detect AI-generated images and audio for your business

  • 🌐 Meta - Product Manager, Machine Learning

  • 📊 Databricks - Sr Group Manager, Marketing Technology

  • 💻 Abridge - Staff Software Engineer (Full Stack)

  • 🎯 Rad AI - Director of Platform Engineering


Y Combinator joined over 140 AI startup founders in signing a letter opposing California’s Senate Bill 1047 on AI regulation, arguing it harms the ability to retain talent and stifles innovation.

Formula 1 and AWS unveiled ‘Statbot’, an AI-powered system that provides real-time context, trivia, and predictions for personalized race broadcasts.

OpenAI announced the acquisition of Rockset, with the search and database analytics startup’s tech set to boost retrieval infrastructure for enterprise products.

Axel Peytavin demonstrated a small, autonomous robot prototype powered by GPT-4o that can see, think and act based on prompts, with capabilities like picking up trash and shaking hands.

OpenAI CTO Mira Murati said in an interview that the next generation of GPT will be ‘PhD-level’ compared to GPT-3 (toddler) and GPT-4 (high school), and will be released in a year and a half.

Unitree posted new demos of its Go2 robotic dog performing handstands, flips, and withstanding and adjusting to force, showing extreme precision and agility.



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