Apple Intelligence + Vision Pro

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Apple Intelligence is supposed to be the magic cure-all for the tech giant’s slumping iPhone sales — but can it infuse life into the Vision Pro as well?

The new suite of AI features is now reportedly coming to the company’s emerging headset line, but will it be enough to push users to take the pricey leap? Let’s explore…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Apple’s AI ambitions spread to Vision Pro

  • Humanoid robots head to the warehouse

  • How to try Stable Diffusion 3 Medium

  • Google Translate adds 110 languages

  • 5 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: Apple

The Rundown: Apple is reportedly working on bringing its new AI features from its Apple Intelligence push to the Vision Pro headsets, according to a new report from Bloomberg.

The details:

  • Apple Intelligence was announced for Mac, iPhone, and iPad during WWDC, but is now being adapted for the Vision Pro headset as well.

  • Bloomberg said the capabilities are not expected on the device this year, despite the company looking for ways to boost sales for the product line.

  • The Apple Intelligence suite will include an improved Siri, writing tools, and an OpenAI-powered chatbot, among other AI-infused features.

  • The report also expanded on the WSJ’s rumored Apple-Meta partnership, saying Apple has ‘zero interest’ in the deal.

Why it matters: The futuristic capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro and the advanced workflows unlocked with AI are a match made in heaven — assuming anyone is willing to pay the high price tag. Users might need to see a significant price cut to come around to the new tech, regardless of what AI is infused into it.


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Image source: Agility Robotics

The Rundown: Agility Robotics just signed a multi-year deal with GXO Logistics to bring the company’s Digit humanoid robots to warehouses, following a successful pilot in Spanx facilities in 2023.

The details:

  • The agreement is being hailed as the first Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) deal and ‘formal commercial deployment’ of the humanoid robots.

  • Agility's Digit robots will be integrated into GXO's logistics operations at a Spanx facility in Connecticut, handling repetitive tasks and logistics work.

  • The 5'9" tall Digit can lift up to 35 pounds, and integrates with a cloud-based Agility Arc platform to control full fleets and optimize facility workflows.

  • Digit tested a proof-of-concept trial with Spanx in 2023, with Amazon also testing the robots at its own warehouses.

Why it matters: Is RaaS the new SaaS? Soon, every company will be looking to adopt advanced robotics into their workforce — and subscription services could help lower the financial and technical barriers needed to scale without the massive upfront costs.


Image source: Stability AI

The Rundown: Stability AI recently released Stable Diffusion 3 Medium, a new text-to-image model with exceptional quality, photorealism, and typography — now available for free on Hugging Face.


  1. Visit the Stable Diffusion 3 Medium page on Hugging Face.

  2. In the "Enter your prompt" text box, write a detailed prompt describing your desired image.

  3. Refine your output using advanced settings like negative prompt, seed, guidance scale, width, and height.

  4. Click "Run" to generate your image and view the results in the image display area.


Image source: Google

The Rundown: Google just announced its largest-ever expansion of Google Translate, adding support for 110 new languages enabled by the company’s PaLM 2 LLM model.

The details:

  • The new languages represent over 614M speakers, covering about 8% of the global population.

  • Google's PaLM 2 model was the driving force behind the expansion, helping unlock translations for closely related languages.

  • The expansion also includes some languages with no current native speakers, displaying how AI models can help preserve ‘lost’ dialects.

  • The additions are part of Google’s ‘1,000 Languages Initiative,' which aims to build AI that supports all of the world's spoken languages.

Why it matters: We’ve talked frequently about AI’s coming power to break down language barriers with its translation capabilities — but the technology is also playing a very active role in both uncovering and preserving languages from lost and endangered cultures.


  • 🧠 Briefy - Turns lengthy content into concise, structured summaries

  • 💻 ApyHub Fusion - A Notion-like API client powered by AI

  • 🎥 DeepMake - AI Image generation in Adobe After Effects

  • 🎵 Jamahook - Sound assistant that finds royalty-free musical elements

  • ⚖️ Legaliser - Simplifies legal contract analysis and drafting with AI

  • 💻 Databricks - Consumption Program Manager

  • 🤝 Glean - Enterprise Customer Success Manager

  • 🛡️ Shield AI - Principle Product Manager

  • 🧠 Meta - Data Scientist, GenAI


Amazon is hiring executives from enterprise AI startup Adept onto the company’s AGI Autonomy team, also licensing its automation tools to build agents for software workflows.

Andrew Ng’s AI Fund is aiming to raise $120M for its second venture fund, focused on early-stage AI startups, coming in significantly lower than the initial $175M fund.

The Center for Investigative Reporting filed a new copyright infringement lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft, alleging use of its journalism in AI training.

Meta’s anticipated Llama-3-405B model is reportedly displayed in a recent WhatsApp update, indicating the new version may be close to launching.

Amazon is planning to spend over $100B on data centers over the next decade, shifting its investment focus towards AI infrastructure.

Actor Morgan Freeman posted a thank you to fans for calling out the use of AI to replicate his voice in an apparent scam.



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