Apple reveals AI chatbot plans

PLUS: Shocking study shows ChatGPT is getting worse

Good morning, AI enthusiasts!

Apple finally caved and joined the AI frenzy.

Better late than never, I guess?

In todays AI rundown:

  • Apple enters the AI frenzy with Apple GPT

  • Study shows ChatGPT has gotten dumber

  • 蛛 British spies use AI to disrupt Russias shipments

  • 7 New AI tools and 3 quick hits

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The Rundown: Apple is (finally) entering the AI arena with its own artificial intelligence tools, including a conversational AI chatbot named "Apple GPT," to compete with leading AI chatbots.

Key points:

  • Apple has developed a framework called "Ajax" and has deployed a chatbot dubbed Apple GPT within internal systems

  • Apple GPT will compete directly against leading AI chatbots such as ChatGPT and Bard

  • A consumer product is aimed for next year

Why it matters: Apple is quite far behind the competition, but they have the software, hardware, and pre-existing ecosystem to be a massive competitor to existing chatbots.

The real question: will Siri finally turn into the JARVIS that it was inspired by?


The Rundown: Launching an AI product is no easy task. But Innovating with AI launched two new AI products in 1 month.

Throughout the process, they created a free video lesson and cheat sheet to help teach you to do it yourself.

Youll learn the following:

  • The AI Business Model Matrix: How to combine your skills, interests, and advanced AI tools in unique and exciting ways

  • The AI Venture Mindset: How to use rapid experimentation and industry uncertainty to your advantage

  • The AI Marketing Cookbook: Where to share and promote your new AI-powered business for maximum growth


The Rundown: A recent Stanford and UC Berkeley study found that GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 has worsened in quality since March 2023.

GPT-4 comparisons from March to June 2023:

  • Finding prime numbers: down from 98% to 2.4%

  • Writing good code: down from 52% to 10%

  • Chain of thought reasoning: significantly more mistakes

Potential reasons:

  • OpenAI may be prioritizing speed and cost savings over the quality

  • The model could be learning from less accurate user inputs over time

  • For safety reasons, the model might be designed to say 'no' to more questions

Noteworthy: The true root cause of ChatGPT getting dumber remains unclear. The OpenAI team is now looking into the reports that users have shared from the comments of the many viral posts on Twitter yesterday.


The Rundown: UK's MI6 is using AI to disrupt the supply of critical weapons to Russia, according to MI6 Chief Richard Moore.

Key Points:

  • MI6 is using AI to enhance human judgment in global intelligence

  • AI is an asset that makes information infinitely more accessible

  • UK and its allies are pushing to master the ethical and safe use of AI

  • Moore maintained that AI wouldn't replace human agents, despite its increasing influence on global intelligence

Noteworthy: Aside from MI6, numerous intelligence agencies, including the CIA and FBI in the US, are exploring how to use AI in their operations.


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Tesla has begun production of its Dojo supercomputer, a key pillar in their self-driving strategy, which aims to facilitate faster, cost-effective neural net training for autonomous vehicles.

Fable Studio's AI model, SHOW-1, leveraging the power of GPT-4, demonstrated its storytelling prowess by creating a full 22-minute South Park episode, requiring only a title, synopsis, and main events to begin the creative process.

Loom, every internet entrepreneurs favorite screen recorder, just announced a Public Beta program for its latest AI feature, 'Auto Chapters,' which identifies the main points in recordings and automatically creates timestamped chapters.


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