Apple + OpenAI = iPhone AI

PLUS: A Chinese Sora competitor emerges

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

Apple’s AI ambitions are really kicking into high gear in preparation for WWDC in June.

The company has reportedly entered discussions with OpenAI to power new AI features coming to the iPhone with iOS 18. Let’s explore…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Apple and OpenAI discuss integrations

  • Chinese firm reveals Sora ‘competitor’

  • Train a chatbot using OpenAI Assistants

  • OpenAI rolls out ChatGPT memory

  • 5 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: Bloomberg

The Rundown: According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is revisiting conversations with OpenAI about integrating the company’s AI into the coming iPhone iOS 18 update.

The details:

  • Apple and OpenAI are negotiating terms for a potential partnership that would see OpenAI’s features integrated into iOS 18.

  • The news comes ahead of June’s WWDC event, which is expected to reveal the tech giant’s major AI announcements.

  • Apple is also exploring a deal with Google to license Gemini, potentially striking agreements with both AI giants.

Why it matters: Apple’s AI era is coming, and all the leading companies might be coming along for the ride. With OpenAI, Google, and Apple’s own AI potentially integrating into the new iOS, Apple has the potential to start the next 'ChatGPT moment' for major AI adoption by putting AI directly into the hands of its 1.4B+ iPhone users.


The Rundown: WorkOS is an identity platform that enables B2B SaaS companies to quickly implement features like SSO, SCIM provisioning, user management, and RBAC, helping them become Enterprise Ready in minutes —  not months.

With WorkOS, you can:

  • Abstract dozens of enterprise integrations with a single interface

  • Utilize flexible APIs trusted by Vercel, Loom, and Webflow

  • Onboard IT teams to SSO in minutes with Admin Portal

  • Enjoy free User Management for up to 1 million MAUs

Click here to get started with WorkOS for free today.


Image source: ShengShu

The Rundown: Chinese AI firm ShengShu just introduced Vidu, a text-to-video AI model that reportedly rivals OpenAI’s unreleased Sora in capability and performance.

The details:

  • Vidu can generate high-quality, 16-second videos at 1080p resolution from text prompts.

  • Vidu’s development started in 2022 with a proprietary architecture that predates Sora’s DiT workflow.

  • A live demonstration in Beijing showed the model’s ability to simulate real-world details such as accurate lighting, shadows, facial expressions, and more.

Why it matters: While it feels like a stretch to call this a true ‘rival’ to Sora (16-second vs. 60-second generations feels like a big gap), China’s AI models continue to gain on U.S. leaders. With Sora still unreleased to the public, its promise is still largely unrealized — opening the door to the competition.


The Rundown: OpenAI’s Assistants API allows users to build more customizable AI chatbots. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to train your own assistant to generate content that matches your unique writing style.


  1. Compile your best-performing posts from any social media platforms or content channels.

  2. Organize your posts in a document, adding an identifier before each one, such as “Example 1:”

  3. Create a new assistant in OpenAI Assistants and paste the following prompt in Instructions: “Your task is to create a post on any topic that the user asks you. It is very important that you create posts using the same writing style, voice, tone, and structure as the examples below: [paste document].

  4. Press “Create” and click on “Playground” to start generating drafts on a specific topic using your AI assistant!


The Rundown: IgniteTech is transforming enterprise software by infusing AI into its product line and is actively recruiting AI professionals to innovate across its portfolio.

At IgniteTech, you will:

  • Join a company with AI at the core of customer success

  • Focus on AI first with a dedicated team of experts

  • Be part of a leading AI-driven force in software

Apply to join the IgniteTech team today and be part of the AI revolution.


Image source: OpenAI

The Rundown: OpenAI began rolling out its ChatGPT memory feature to a larger group of Free and Plus users, giving ChatGPT a new ability to carry over learnings between conversations.

The details:

  • ChatGPT with memory enabled can remember details and preferences shared by users across chat conversations.

  • Users can teach ChatGPT to remember specific information by explicitly prompting it (e.g. prompt: “remember this for future chats“).

  • Users can also track memories retained by ChatGPT in the settings → personalization tab.

Why it matters: Retaining memory across chats is a major unlock, ideally eliminating the need to restart new chats and lengthy conversations. But as we’ve seen with other features like GPTs and Custom Instructions, these releases are often a work in progress — with usefulness that might not be immediately apparent to all users.


  • 🔊 PlayAI - Conversational Voice AI platform for creating human-like voice agents

  • 🧑‍💻 Longtail - Streamline LLM prompt management for efficient workflows

  • 💼 Interview with AI - Leverage AI for practicing job interviews

  • 🎨 CSM - Create and animate game-ready 3D assets from text

  • 🎮 Hexagen World - Collective world simulation game with generative AI


Stardust unveiled Astribot S1, an AI humanoid robot capable of performing household tasks like cooking, folding, sorting, and vacuuming — aiming to be available commercially by the end of 2024.

Italy is investing $10B in its semiconductor sector, aiming to become a leading producer of advanced chips in Europe.

A new AI Safety and Security Board will advise the Department of Homeland Security on deploying AI within U.S. infrastructure.

Google announced a new $3B investment to expand its data center campuses in Virginia and Indiana, also launching a $75M AI Opportunity Fund to boost AI skills development in the U.S.

Elon Musk said Tesla will spend over $10B on AI training and inference this year, saying companies will not be able to compete if they aren’t spending at this level.

Meta’s automated Advantage Plus AI advertising platform is facing criticism for erratic performance and budget overruns.

ARK Invest CEO Cathy Wood named Tesla as the world’s most significant AI project, emphasizing the company’s potential impact through autonomous robotaxis.



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