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  • Explicit AI ads take over social media

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Image source: Amazon

The Rundown: Amazon One has trained a neural network using millions of artificial palms to create a contactless, convenient payment and identity verification system that reportedly outpaces the accuracy of iris scanning (watch demo video).

Key points:

  • Utilizing unique lines, grooves, veins, and ridges on the palm, Amazon One connects a unique palm signature to your credit card or Amazon account.

  • The tech is rolling out to 500 Whole Foods Market stores and other third-party locations and strives to eliminate the need for wallets or phones.

  • The system was trained using a palm factory of millions of synthetic hand images and has 99.99% accuracy on over 3M uses.

  • Use cases include contactless and convenient payment, age verification, entering a venue, and tracking loyalty rewards.

Why it matters: Amazon One's use of generative AI is an intriguing reinvention of convenience with an opportunity to revolutionize everyday transactions and experiences and unlock the potential of biometric data.


The Rundown: Supermanage empowers top-tier managers and teams to excel in 1-on-1 meetings by analyzing selected Slack channels and providing real-time insights into individual team members.

The benefits of using Supermanage:

  • Real-Time Snapshots: Get immediate updates on any team member's contributions, challenges, and engagement levels.

  • Meaningful Conversations: Equip yourself with all the information you need for in-depth and impactful 1-on-1s.

  • Team Engagement: Stay informed and ready to discuss vital aspects of team performance and dynamics.


The Rundown: Explicit ads for AI-powered virtual girlfriends and chatbots are currently flooding Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook despite bans on explicit content.

Key points:

  • App developers are circumventing social media ad restrictions to promote explicit AI chatbots, with racy ads surging across major social media platforms.

  • The ads running are widely seen as a double standard, with human workers banned from advertising their services in the industry.

  • Despite increased scrutiny, Meta and TikTok are struggling to control the spread of these explicit AI ads as they surge in growth and the tech rises in popularity.

Noteworthy: Its no surprise to see AI taken down this route (this is the internet, after all) but these ads do raise some ethical issues around both regulation and who is being targeted by the content.


 AKKIO- Use AI to chat with your data and instantly create live visualizations, dashboards, and charts (link)*

 Inspire AI- Boost your mood with AI-generated motivational content (link)

Audiosonic- Instant production of human-like speech from text (link) for Telegram- Simplifies Web3 interactions (link)

Synthesia- Create professional videos without mics, cameras, or actors using an AI-generated character (link)

Resolve- ChatGPT-powered customer service chatbots (link)

Castmagic- Turn long-form audio into ready-to-use content assets, instantly (link)

∴ Play HT- The highest quality AI-Powered voice generation platform (link)

Browse the most popular tools ever featured with our tool database.

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Struggling to come up with compelling video ideas? Let ChatGPT give your creativity a boost with these proven prompts.

Go behind-the-scenes: "I need a YouTube video idea that will provide a behind-the-scenes look at my [company] and persuade my [target audience] to [take action] with a sense of authenticity and relatability."

Create "how-to" tutorials: "I'm looking for a YouTube video idea that will provide a step-by-step guide on how to use my [product] and persuade my [target audience] to purchase with clear instructions."

Solve pain points: "I need a YouTube video idea that will demonstrate how my [service] can solve the specific pain points of my [target audience] in a relatable way."

Highlight USPs: "I'm looking for a YouTube video idea that will showcase the unique selling points of my [product] and persuade my [target audience] to purchase with urgency."

Simply plug in the specifics about your brand, product, and audience. Generate multiple prompts for a wide range of potential video ideas. Then, pick the most compelling concepts and start filming!


The UK revealed five specific ambitions for its global AI safety summit on Nov 1-2. It will focus on AI risks, needed policies, and using AI safely for the public good. The summit, spearheaded by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunaks representatives, Jonathan Black and Matt Clifford, aims to unite academics, politicians, and tech for a common understanding of AI governance.

Dubai crypto exchange Bybit just launched TradeGPT, an AI tool providing real-time trading insights in multiple languages. It taps ChatGPT and Bybit's data to offer strategies, analysis, and answer user questions. Bybit follows, Binance, and others experimenting with AI assistants for trading.

Scientists have collected data on eye movements, heart rate, and more to teach a neural network to recognize fatigue in PC users. The database covered operators in tired and alert states while performing tasks like reading and gaming, with the AI analyzing eye movement to track functional states precisely.


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