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  • Amazon's plans for creating the world's best assistant

Amazon's plans for creating the world's best assistant

PLUS: There's another major chatbot in town

In today's rundown:

  • Amazon plans to supercharge Alexa

  • Stability AIs new chatbot

  • 氣嗽Italy restores ChatGPT access

  • Palantir launches AIP

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During Amazons recent earnings call, CEO Andy Jassy revealed plans to develop a more advanced large language model (LLM) to supercharge Alexa.

Amazon believes that improving the LLM will help achieve Amazon's ultimate goal of creating the world's best personal assistant.

Jassy highlighted the importance of LLMs and generative AI in achieving this vision, noting Amazon's current strong position with Alexa, which boasts a couple of hundred million endpoints across entertainment, shopping, and smart homes.

Very soon, everyone will have their very own personalized AI assistants. We dont know if Amazon, Apple, Google, or someone else will build that assistant first, but tech giants are certainly racing to dominate the market.

Stability AI introduced StableVicuna, the first large-scale open-source chatbot trained with reinforced learning from human feedback.

StableVicuna aims to provide a user-friendly experience that can handle basic math, writing code, and grammar assistance. The overall performance is decent compared to similar-sized chatbots.

Right now, you can try the demo on Hugging Face, but as development continues, a Discord bot and chat UI interface will be launched.

ChatGPT has returned to Italy after addressing concerns raised by the Italian Data Protection Authority.

The chatbot was initially banned on March 31st after violating the European Unions General Data Protection Regulations. The company made changes to comply with data privacy regulations, including a form for EU users to remove personal data, age verification for Italian users, and a help center article explaining data collection practices.

The bottom line: While Italy has revived access to the chatbot, OpenAI will likely still face future challenges. Other countries, such as Canada and Spain, are also considering opening investigations into how the LLM collects data.

Palantir, founded by billionaire Peter Thiel, is launching Palantir Artificial Intelligence Platform (AIP) to integrate AI into military decision-making.

AIP allows military operators to utilize AI for tasks such as drone reconnaissance, generating attack plans, and jamming enemy communications.

Operators can also pose questions to the AI, such as identifying enemy units in the region, requesting high-resolution imagery, and summarizing operational plans.

Although Palantir asserts that AIP ensures responsible, legal, and ethical use of AI in sensitive and classified contexts, the company has yet to address known AI issues directly.

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