Amazon's new app-generating AI

PLUS: Major newspapers sue OpenAI

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

Amazon may not be the loudest voice in the AI race, but that doesn't mean it's been sitting on the sidelines.

The giant just launched its Q AI assistant — along with a new feature that allows users to create AI apps from text prompts using company data. Let’s explore…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Amazon launches Q AI assistant

  • 8 major U.S. newspapers sue OpenAI

  • Personalized AI dance videos from a selfie

  • Google introduces Med-Gemini

  • 6 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: Amazon

The Rundown: Amazon just announced that Q, the company’s AI-powered assistant for businesses and developers, is now available — bringing advanced capabilities to enterprise clients.

The details:

  • Q Developer offers industry-leading code generation, testing, debugging, reasoning, and agents for step-by-step planning.

  • Q Business connects to company data repositories, enabling users to easily get answers, summarize info, analyze trends, and interact with enterprise data.

  • A new Q Apps feature allows non-technical users to create custom AI applications using natural language prompts from company data.

  • AWS VP Dr. Swami Sivasubramanian said Q can help employees become ‘over 80% more productive’ at their jobs.

Why it matters: Amazon may not be the first name that comes to mind in the AI race, but the tech giant's vast resources and extensive reach make it well-positioned to help bring AI to the masses — and fundamentally transform how work gets done across industries.


The Rundown: OctoAI's OctoStack enables you to bring GenAI models to your datastore, ensuring privacy and security while maximizing the value of your company’s true moat — your business data.

Join OctoAI’s webinar on May 7th and learn to:

  • Create integrated data pipelines on Snowflake using OctoStack

  • Increase trust in your GenAI solution with Retrieval Augmented Generation

  • Achieve robust integration with guaranteed JSON-formatting

Register here and join the technical Q&A — everyone who signs up will receive a recording of the session.


Image source: The New York Times

The Rundown: Eight major U.S. newspapers just filed a lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft, accusing the tech giants of illegally using their copyrighted articles to train AI chatbots like ChatGPT and Copilot.

The details:

  • Newspapers in the filing include The NY Daily News, The Chicago Tribune, The Denver Post, The San Jose Mercury News, and more.

  • The papers allege that "millions" of articles have been used to train models without permission or compensation.

  • They claim the use of copyrighted content allows chatbots to compete as sources of news, while also attributing inaccurate info to the papers.

  • The lawsuits come as OpenAI continues to ink deals with other major publishers, including the Financial Times, Axel Springer, and more.

Why it matters: Another day, another lawsuit against OpenAI… But for every paper suing the AI giants, it seems like another is striking a lucrative deal for data and training.


The Rundown: Higgsfield’s new app called Diffuse allows you to create hilarious, personalized dance videos from just a selfie.


  1. Download the Higgsfield Diffuse app, scroll down on this website, and select your device type, e.g., iOS or Android.

  2. Launch the app and choose a video template from the gallery that catches your eye.

  3. Upload your favorite selfie, wait a few minutes, and check out your personalized dance video!

Note: You can only create up to 2 videos for free.


The Rundown: The AI Conference brings together leading voices from OpenAI, Anthropic, Meta, Google DeepMind, and more to bridge the gap between AI research and real-world applications.

Attend the two-day event and:

  • Engage with 50+ speakers driving the AI revolution

  • Collaborate with researchers, engineers, startup founders, and VCs

  • Explore topics from AGI to AI in enterprise, foundation models, and more

Register now to help shape the future of AI on Sept 10-11 in San Francisco, CA.


Image source: Google

The Rundown: Google just introduced Med-Gemini, a suite of AI models fine-tuned for healthcare — which sets new records across a wide range of medical benchmarks.

The details:

  • Med-Gemini outperforms top models (including GPT-4) on 10 out of 14 tasks.

  • The model incorporates web search information to provide more reliable and up-to-date answers to complex medical questions.

  • Med-Gemini excels at analyzing medical images, videos, and health records, as well as engaging in realistic dialogues about patient cases.

Why it matters: Google has forked its Gemini model into a medical powerhouse, showing off AI’s broad potential to assist in healthcare. The specified model is also a sign of things to come — with every industry having the potential to incorporate a fine-tuned AI on niche tasks and data.


  • 🛠️ Prem Platform - An intuitive, user-friendly development platform for building generative AI solutions with ease*

  • 🎨 EdrawMax - Speed up diagram creation with smart suggestions

  • 👨‍💻 Github Copilot Workspace - A copilot-native dev environment for coding

  • 👩‍💼 GoProfiles - GenAI people platform for employee engagement and recognition

  • 💬 Yelp AI assistant - Easily find and connect with local service professionals

  • 🎉 Midjourney Group Creation - A new feature on Midjourney that allows users with 1k+ test images to collaborate

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Apple is actively poaching AI experts, primarily from Google, and establishing a secretive AI lab in Zurich, Switzerland.

The mysterious gpt2-chatbot has disappeared from the Lmsys arena following the impressive model’s one-day emergence that led to mass speculation in the AI community.

Microsoft is investing $1.7B in Indonesia’s AI and cloud infrastructure, as well as pledging to support 840,000 workers with AI skilling.

Samsung reported a profit surge of 930% in Q1 of 2024, fueled by massive demand for its AI memory chips and servers.

Japan is testing an AI bear-spotting system following a rise in attacks, using security footage to upgrade early warning capabilities.

University of Pennsylvania is the first Ivy League institution to offer a Master’s Degree in AI, with the first courses set to launch in Spring 2025.



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