Sam Altman speaks on AGI & OpenAI drama

PLUS: Stability AI's Image-to-3D upgrades

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It’s been quite the end to the year for Sam Altman. Following his TIME ‘CEO of the Year’ award — the now-reinstated CEO just spoke candidly about AGI, AI risks, and more.

Understandably, Altman sounded more stressed about shepherding the super-intelligence to come than the juicy boardroom drama. Let’s get into it…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Sam Altman opens up on OpenAI drama

  • Stability AI releases new image-to-3D model

  • 10 new AI tools to try

  • How to run powerful AI assistants locally on your phones

  • Alibaba releases new image-to-video model

  • OpenAI explores ‘weak’ models controlling strong AI

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Image source: TIME

The Rundown: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman just gave a candid, wide-ranging interview after being named TIME's CEO of the Year, reflecting on his short-lived firing, governing powerful AI, and why he remains hopeful despite risks.

The details:

  • Altman felt the boardroom drama brought productive self-reflection on OpenAI's governance needing to support its mission as AI capabilities charge ahead.

  • He believes AGI will “be the most powerful technology humanity has yet invented”, with huge implications for democratizing access to information globally.

  • Altman also emphasized the risks of AI personal disinformation, particularly with the upcoming elections in 2024.

The relevance: Altman’s remarks sound like someone more stressed about shepherding a world-altering technology than petty boardroom drama. And despite the risks, Sam sounds confident that AGI and accelerating AI will change the world for the better — sooner rather than later.


The Rundown: The AI revolution has already begun to rewire Wall St, and its impact has been strongly felt in one growing market in particular. Because, thanks to a Harvard data scientist and his crack team, everyday people can now benefit from a previously “off-limits” investment.

The company that makes it possible is called Masterworks, whose unique investment platform enables savvy investors to invest in blue-chip art for a fraction of the cost.

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Image source: Stability AI

The Rundown: Stability AI just released an enhanced image-to-3D model called Stable Zero123, alongside a new tiered membership structure that aims to stabilize the company’s revenue generation.

The details:

  • The model can take a single image input and generate a 3D object, displaying subject from a variety of angles.

  • Zero123 touts higher quality results by utilizing cleaner Objaverse dataset renders and adding camera elevation data.

  • The open-source startup also announced a new membership model, which includes a free/research tier, a $20/mo professional tier, and custom enterprise pricing.

Why it matters: Stability ups the competition in the image-to-3D AI space, keeping their foot on the gas with yet another impressive model rollout. If the current pace of development keeps up, we will likely have text-to-video game creation within just a few years.


Given Sam Altman's comments and recent advancements, when do you think AGI will be achieved?

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Want access to powerful AI models on your phone, without needing WiFi or risking your privacy? Now you can with an incredible new app called LLMFarm — letting you run AI models locally on your iPhone or iPad, completely offline.

Here’s a tutorial on how to access it by Alvaro Cintas:

Step 1: Go to LLMFarm TestFlight page and click “Install with TestFlight". Download the TestFlight app first if you don't have it already.

Step 2: Return to LLMFarm and click "Start Testing" to install the app itself.

Step 3: Next, find the pre-trained AI model you’d like to use locally from HuggingFace. For this tutorial, we used the Mistral-7B model. Navigate to the ‘files and versions’ tab and download the model — note that some may take up significant space.

Step 4: Back in the LLMFarm app, select "Add Model" and navigate to the Mistral 7B file you just downloaded. In the ‘format’ section, type: <s>[INST] [INST]. In prediction options, toggle on Metal and MLock.


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Alibaba Group just released i2VGen-XL, a new image-to-video model capable of generating high-definition ouputs. The release brings yet another competitor to the ever-expanding AI video generation sector, with capabilities ramping up at a truly insane pace.

OpenAI just released a new paper, introducing the concept of using small AI models to supervise more powerful ones — studying if they can generalize training despite limited capabilities. Aiming to tackle aligning superhuman AI, experiments show promising control of LLMs.

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