Sam Altman FIRED, new CEO in town

PLUS: Meta disbands Responsible AI Team

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

Its been a wild weekend with OpenAIs shocking firing of CEO Sam Altman and new CEO sending shockwaves through the AI and broader tech world.

With tons of drama straight out of a Hollywood script, this weekend was one to remember. Lets get into it

In todays AI rundown:

  • OpenAI board fires CEO Sam Altman, hired Emmett Shear

  • Meta dissolves Responsible AI team

  • 10 new AI tools to try

  • How to create custom lightning bolts with DALL-E

  • Amazon axes hundreds of Alexa jobs

  • Altman sought billions for AI chip venture pre-firing

  • France, Germany & Italy push unified EU AI rules

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Image source: CNN

The Rundown: OpenAI's board of directors abruptly fired CEO Sam Altman on Friday, leading co-founder Greg Brockman and dozens of other OpenAI staff to quit in protest. By Sunday evening, Emmett Shear was appointed the new interim CEO of OpenAI.

The timeline:

  • Altman was unexpectedly ousted on Friday, with the board originally citing communication issues.

  • Altman confirmed the news in a tweet, with co-founder Greg Brockman resigning and posting a timeline of events detailing the blindside move from the OpenAI board.

  • More details emerged, indicating the firing was likely orchestrated by OpenAI chief scientist Ilya Sutskever with reported increasing tensions over the speed of development.

  • On Saturday, news broke that OpenAI staff set an ultimatum for the board to resign and for Altman/Brockman to RETURN, or else they would quit and join Sam.

  • The deadline passed without official news, though Altman tweeted, I love the OpenAI team so much which was then quote-tweeted by hundreds of staff members with a 歹 emoji on X.

  • Speculation was rampant, with many believing the moves were made in response to AGI being achieved Altman did say a day before his firing that there had been a massive discovery in the last two weeks.

  • Altman posted a photo of himself at OpenAI HQ Sunday afternoon, with reports indicating that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was leading discussions.

  • In a shocking turn, the board rejected negotiations and hired Emmett Shear, former CEO of Twitch, as the new interim CEO of OpenAI.

  • Following the late Sunday night news, chaos ensued, and dozens of OpenAI staffers quit, with more likely to follow shortly.

  • In a final twist to the story, Satya announced that Sam and Greg will join Microsoft to create a new advanced AI research team.

Why it matters: This was a weekend straight out of Hollywood with the entire drama unfolding in real time on X. The firing of Sam Altman and hiring to Microsoft will only push the competition further.

But what did the OpenAI board see that caused Sams seemingly instantaneous fire? How many OpenAI employees will follow Sam or join competitors like Google and xAI? Will OpenAI be able to weather the storm ahead through the leadership of Emmett Shear?

More details to follow shortly. Stay tuned


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Image source: Reuters

The Rundown: Meta has reportedly disbanded its Responsible AI team, moving members to other AI product and infrastructure groups within the company.

The details:

  • Meta says it remains committed to developing AI responsibly and safely, but the dedicated team was dissolved.

  • Most Responsible AI members will join Meta's generative AI product team, with others moving to work on AI infrastructure.

  • The Responsible AI team had already seen shake ups during the the companys restructuring and layoffs earlier this year.

The relevance: If there was ever a weekend to bury some negative AI news, it was this one. With all eyes on the Altman, Metas move flew under the radar and comes during a time of heightened discourse over safety vs. acceleration.


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Amazon just slashed several hundred roles on the companys Alexa team, citing shifting priorities and a focus on generative AI. The decade-old Alexa feels left behind as generative AI ushers in smarter tech, making older devices look primitive.

Sam Altman reportedly raised billions from Middle Eastern investors for a new AI chip startup called Tigris before his firing. The project aimed to challenge Nvidia's dominance, with Altman's side ventures likely complicating his relationship with OpenAI's board.

The EU power trio of France, Germany, and Italy just jointly agreed on a proposal for voluntary but binding AI rules for the bloc pushing back on sanctioning of foundation models, instead lobbying for more self-regulation.

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