AI's Super Bowl moment!

PLUS: YouTube's big AI bet for 2024

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

Move over Taylor Swift — AI is coming for that Super Bowl spotlight.

Microsoft just dropped several upgrades to Copilot, along with a new commercial airing during the big game. Let’s explore…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Copilot heads to the Super Bowl

  • YouTube bets big on AI for 2024

  • How to learn a language with a personal GPT tutor

  • Apple unveils AI model for image editing

  • 8 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: Microsoft

The Rundown: Microsoft celebrated Copilot’s one-year anniversary with several major updates, including a new-look interface, in-line image editing, ‘Designer GPT’ integration, and more — alongside the release of the company’s upcoming Super Bowl ad.

The details:

  • Copilot’s main interface gets a makeover with a sleeker, streamlined design and a refreshed carousel of suggested prompts.

  • Users can now edit images inline during chats, like changing colors or blurring backgrounds.

  • Copilot Pro subscribers gain the ability to resize and regenerate images, with a new direct 'Designer GPT integration also coming soon.

  • Microsoft returns to the Super Bowl with its first ad in four years, with a commercial showing off Copilot (and not mentioning Bing once).

Why it matters: It might be time to pour one out for Bing Chat as Microsoft fully pivots to the Copilot brand. The company’s Super Bowl ad also signals a marketing shift — positioning Copilot as more AI assistant and less search tool to the masses.


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Image source: YouTube

The Rundown: YouTube CEO Neal Mohan listed generative AI as the platform’s top ‘big bet’ for 2024 in a new blog post outlining his vision for empowering creators and democratizing access to the tech.

The details:

  • Mohan said the mission is using AI to help "everyone create", not replace creators.

  • YouTube Shorts and its explosive 70B+ daily views will be a key target for testing new video AI capabilities.

  • The blog also highlighted new experiments like Dream Screen, which allows users to make AI-generated backgrounds for shorts, and Dream Track for AI-generated music.

Why it matters: While AI still faces existential backlash from many creatives — platforms like YouTube working to empower creators can help change broader sentiment. And the more integrated AI becomes, the more the conversation shifts to a creative ‘tool’ instead of a creative ‘replacement’.


The Rundown: You can use ChatGPT’s voice capabilities and custom GPTs to learn any language with your own personal tutor GPT.


  1. Open ChatGPT on your phone and search for a language tutor GPT. There are many GPTs, but we recommend starting with the TereraAI Learn Language GPT.

  2. Prompt the GPT with the language you would like to learn and your experience level.

  3. The GPT will provide you with a list of options (e.g., vocabulary, phrases) for your lesson.

  4. Plug in your headphones and speak to learn your selected language.


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Image source: Apple and UC Santa Barbara

The Rundown: Apple and UC Santa Barbara researchers just released MGIE, an open-source AI system for editing images via natural language commands.

The details:

  • MGIE leverages multimodal large language models (MLLMs) to interpret instructions and guide edits.

  • The model can perform tasks like modifying colors or objects, optimizing brightness/contrast, and applying filters from simple text prompts.

  • The model is trained end-to-end, so edits align with instructions while preserving unrelated areas.

Why it matters: Apple has been bringing the AI research heat lately — and this open-source model is particularly spicy. While text-to-image leaders have added inpainting and edit-region type features, MGIE’s instruction editing could eventually unlock Photoshop-type control with simple prompting.


  • 🤖 Taplio- Leverage AI to grow on LinkedIn in just 10min a day (link)*

  • 📝 MindOS Memory Twin- Remember, sort, and arrange your ideas effortlessly (link)

  • 🏫 MBA Admission Consultant GPT- Assists you in getting admitted to your dream business school (link)

  • 📚 Samwell AI- Streamline your essay writing and research workflow (link)

  • 📧 Email Humanizer GPT- Rephrase emails to convey empathy and understanding (link)

  • 🌐 Dorik- Instantly generate SEO-optimized websites for businesses and creators (link)

  • 🖼️ Realistic People GPT- Generates realistic human portraits from simple prompts (link)

  • 👁️ Vision Arena- Compare and test multiple vision LMs side-by-side and vote (link)

  • 🎯 Anthropic- Go-To-Market Systems Lead (link)

  •  Shield AI- Staff Product UX Designer (link)

  • ⚖️ Anyscale- Lead Developer Advocate (link)

  • 🔑 Sanctuary AI- Key Account Manager (link)

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Stability AI launched the first update to its open-source Stable Video Diffusion model, enhancing motion and consistency in generations.

ChatGPT’s system prompt is now reportedly up to 1700 tokens, leading users to speculate if the lengthy directions are to blame for previous laziness concerns.

The Biden administration appointed Elizabeth Kelly, a White House economic policy adviser, to head the newly formed AI Safety Institute, focusing on developing safety standards for AI development.

Outtakes AI posted a demo of its app running locally on Apple Silicon, showcasing the ability to generate immersive worlds on the Vision Pro.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced plans to provide AI skills training to 2 million workers in India, emphasizing the country’s significant role in the AI landscape.

OpenAI introduced new endpoint-specific API keys for enhanced permissions control and security.

Elon Musk tweeted his support of the ancient scroll-deciphering Vesuvius Challenge, saying that The Musk Foundation will help fund the next stage of the contest.



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