AI's impact on the future of work

PLUS: Altman takes AI chip trip to South Korea

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

Microsoft just released its annual ‘Future of Work’ report, highlighting how the rise of AI will impact our shifting workplace roles and demands.

While we might not be handing our jobs completely over to AI — nearly all of us will be working alongside the tech VERY soon. Let’s get into it…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Microsoft maps AI's coming impact on jobs

  • OpenAI courts chip giants in South Korea for AI hardware

  • How to feature your logo in a video with Runway

  • AI-powered robot achieves record braille reading speed

  • 7 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: Microsoft

The Rundown: Microsoft just released its annual ‘Future of Work’ Report with a focus on AI, detailing both the transformative potential of tech in the workplace and the care needed to avoid downsides like skill displacement and job loss.

The details:

  • Surveys and studies showcase significant productivity gains from AI tools, with 68% of study participants responding that Copilot improved their quality of work.

  • Lower-skilled workers tended to benefit more from AI use, but performance gaps could still widen in some cases.

  • The report highlighted over-reliance as a key challenge to collaborating with AI, with humans readily accepting incorrect AI outputs.

  • Microsoft anticipates that smooth AI integration with workflows and norms will shape acceptance as much as the technology itself.

Why it matters: While AI will impact almost all jobs in some capacity, understanding the nuances, successes, and pain points of its early adoption can help us better prepare for how it will shape our workplaces in the near future.

Check out the full report here.


The Rundown: Transform your personal finances with Cleo - The AI assistant that turns your financial life into a simple conversation.

With Cleo, you can:

  • Budget easily without feeling restricted

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  • Track your spending and get personalized recommendations to improve

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Image source: Getty Images

The Rundown: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman recently visited South Korea to discuss potential collaboration with Samsung and SK Group on manufacturing specialized AI chips amid broader speculation of the company’s desire to break into the chip production market.

The details:

  • Altman reportedly toured a Samsung factory and met with execs from both companies, with discussions on ‘cooperation and investment’ in AI chip production.

  • Samsung and SK are leaders in high bandwidth memory critical for AI chips — with the tech giant also working with Google on AI initiatives.

  • Altman was recently in talks with Middle East investors and Taiwanese manufacturers on building a global network of AI chip factories.

Why it matters: As OpenAI rushes to stay ahead in AI capabilities, forming alliances with hardware titans would aid efforts to ensure compute capacity keeps pace with ambitious software goals — and avoid the predicted chip shortages that Altman spoke of at length in Davos.


Image source: Johannes Plenio and Runway

The Rundown: With Runway’s new Gen-2 Magic Tools, you can feature your logo in a video in any setting.

Hat tip to Nicolas Neubert for sharing the tips and prompts below.


  1. Create an image with your logo with your preferred background scape using Figma or Photoshop.

  2. Head to Runway, select the image-to-image generator under the generate image menu, and upload your image.

  3. Stylize your image with a prompt and adjust the settings:

    • Example prompt: Object sinking in water in the shape "r", ocean landscape, dark atmosphere, surreal sculptures muted colors, cinematic contour lighting, low contrast ProLog, award winning composition, chromatic aberration

    • Preset: Custom Color Grading Preset Prompt Weight: 6.0

    • For best results, you’ll want to upgrade to HD.

  4. Save your favorite generated image to assets and select the image in the Text/Image to Video feature to create your video.


The Rundown: Brilliant's bite-sized, interactive learning makes it easy to level up in minutes a day—whenever, wherever.

Brilliant is your shortcut to:

  • Building skills in AI

  • Thinking like a data scientist

  • Learning programming, technology, and more

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Image source: University of Cambridge

The Rundown: Researchers at the University of Cambridge just developed a robotic fingertip that uses AI to read Braille at over 300 words per minute — doubling the most accurate human speeds.

The details:

  • An onboard camera captures blurred images, which are then sharpened by optimized machine learning algorithms.

  • Computer vision AI then identifies the Braille letters accurately despite moving at high speeds.

  • In tests, the system read at 315 words per minute and 87% accuracy — twice as fast and as accurate as human braille readers.

Why it matters: While it’s impressive to see the braille reading performance, the real breakthrough is in the robotic fingertip’s ability to ‘sense’ via touch — a feature that will be important as humanoid robots continue to take on more complex tasks.


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George Carlin’s estate is suing the makers of the "Dudesy" podcast for using AI to impersonate the late comedian in a YouTube special, alleging copyright infringement and misuse of Carlin's name and likeness.

China has approved over 40 AI models for public use over the past six months, as part of the country’s aggressive strategy to match U.S. advancements.

OpenAI is partnering with nonprofit Common Sense Media, known for rating media content for kids, to develop AI safety guidelines and curate family-friendly apps.

A California restaurant called CaliExpress is infusing AI and robotics to run the operation, including a "Flippy" frying robot, a grill robot, and facial recognition AI for ordering.

Meta released Code Llama 70B, an upgraded version of its code generation LLM, ranking as one of the ‘highest performing open models’ available.

Former Cloudera CEO Rob Bearden's new startup Sema4 AI announced a $30.5Mr raise for its AI automation tools aimed at helping enterprises.

ChatGPT is being accused of violating EU privacy laws by Italian data protection authority Garante, with OpenAI potentially facing hefty fines.



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