AI chatbot runs for office

PLUS: OpenAI CTO speaks on internal models

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

AI just added a new title to its list of potential jobs — an elected official.

With 'AI Steve' running for U.K. Parliament, the age of AI-driven politics is no longer just a distant fantasy. Let’s explore…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • AI chatbots run for office

  • OpenAI CTO speaks on internal models

  • Generate consistent short videos with AI

  • DeepMind creates a virtual rat with AI brain

  • 5 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: NBC News

The Rundown: An AI-powered candidate named ‘AI Steve’ is running for U.K. Parliament in next month’s general election — creating polarizing questions around AI’s use in government affairs.

The details:

  • AI Steve is represented by businessman Steve Endacott and will appear as an independent candidate in the upcoming election.

  • Voters can interact with AI Steve online to ask policy questions and raise concerns or suggestions, which the AI will incorporate based on feedback.

  • If elected, Endacott will serve as AI Steve's human proxy in Parliament, attending meetings and casting votes based on the AI's constituent-driven platform.

Why it matters: The idea of an AI running for office might sound like a joke, but the tech behind it could actually help make our politicians more independent and (ironically) autonomous. AI-assisted governance is likely coming someday, but it’s probably still a bit too early to be taken seriously.


The Rundown:  The AI Conference brings together leading voices from OpenAI, Meta, DeepMind, Waymo and many more to push the boundaries of AI innovation.

Attend the two-day event in San Francisco, CA on Sept. 10-11 and:

  • Engage with 60+ speakers leading the AI revolution

  • Network, collaborate, and co-create with industry pioneers

  • Explore topics including AGI, AI in enterprise, building with AI, and more

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Image source: Fortune

The Rundown: OpenAI CTO Mira Murati participated in a Q&A with Fortune Magazine, addressing topics including criticism from Elon Musk, internal AI model strength, the 2023 board drama and more.

The details:

  • Murati said both Apple and OpenAI believe strongly in privacy and will not log data through Apple accounts or train models on user data.

  • Murati responded to Musk calling the Apple partnership ‘creepy spyware’, saying OpenAI is trying to be as transparent as possible with its approach to safety.

  • When asked about the board drama, Murati said the previous board structure ‘didn’t have accountability to anyone but themselves’.

  • The CTO also curiously said that OpenAI’s internal models ‘aren’t that far ahead’ of what the public has for free right now.

Why it matters: This had to be a harder-hitting Q&A than Murati expected — but her responses certainly evoked similar vibes to the infamous Sora interview. The commentary on internal models was particularly interesting, as it would imply that OpenAI doesn’t have some GPT-5 level model waiting in the wings.


The Rundown: ToonCrafter is an AI tool available for free on Hugging Face, that allows users to generate consistent short videos from just two keyframe images.


  1. Visit the Hugging Face ToonCrafter page.

  2. Upload two keyframe images (a starting and an ending one). For better results, these images should be of the same character or scene with slight variations.

  3. Describe the action in the prompt field.

  4. Adjust settings to your liking and click “Generate” to create your video.


The Rundown: Guidde is a generative AI platform that helps you create stunning video documentation in seconds — enabling users to communicate complex workflows 11x faster.

With Guidde, you can:

  • Design professional-looking guides without any prior skills

  • Enjoy AI-generated step-by-step descriptions and voiceovers

  • Share and embed guides anywhere with smart sharing options

Try Guidde’s free extension and start creating today.


Image source: Google DeepMind

The Rundown: Researchers from Google DeepMind and Harvard just created a virtual rodent powered by an AI neural network, capable of mimicking agile movements and neural activity of real-life rats with extreme accuracy.

The details:

  • The researchers created a bio-mechanically realistic digital rat model and trained an AI ‘brain’ to control its body in a physics simulator.

  • The AI’s brain activity patterns closely matched real rodents engaged in similar behaviors, showing it can capture principles of muscle control and movement.

  • This ‘virtual neuroscience’ approach could open new research with testing on AI animals, also transferring to engineering of advanced robotics systems.

Why it matters: By bridging the gap between motor control and the complexity of brains, these virtual rodents offer a new window into how neural activity generates movement. Our understanding of the brain and neural activity is about to expand exponentially with the increasing power of AI.


  • 💼 TeamCreate - Create AI workers for various roles in finance, sales, product, and more

  • 👩‍💼 PyjamaHR - Hiring on autopilot with AI agents

  • 🎵 Suno Audio Input - Generate a song from any sound

  • 🎨 AI Illustration Generator by Icons8- Generate consistent illustrations in unique art styles

  • 🧠 Mapify - Transform your ideas, documents, and websites into mind maps

  • 💼 Databricks - Sr. Product Manager

  • 🧪 Luma AI - Research Scientist

  • 📊 Dataiku - Senior Sales Engineer

  • 📘 Meta - GenAI Content Manager


OpenAI added retired U.S. Army General and former NSA head Paul M. Nakasone to its Board of Directors, a leading cybersecurity expert who will also join the company’s Safety and Security Committee.

Former Meta engineers launched Jace, an AI agent from Zeta Labs capable of executing complex browser tasks autonomously.

LinkedIn introduced new AI tools to its job-search platform, including AI-powered coaches for expert advice, learning personalization for skill courses, and advanced job-search features.

Stanford AI Lab showcased HumanPlus, a system enabling humanoid robots to autonomously learn and perform tasks by imitating human actions.

A photographer was disqualified from an AI image contest after winning using a real photo of a flamingo, saying he wanted to show that ‘nature can still beat the machine’.

Apparate Labs launched PROTEUS, a new real-time AI video generation model that can create realistic avatars and lip-syncs from a single reference image.



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