Warnings emerge over AI firm G42...

PLUS: 18 nations unite on AI safety

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Major AI firm G42 was caught in a delicate balancing act between its relationships with both US and Chinese firms.

American officials are reportedly sounding the alarm — underscoring how AI advantage is becoming a major national security priority. Let’s get into it…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • US scrutinizes UAE's AI powerhouse over China links

  • Nations unite on AI safety principles

  • 9 new AI tools to try

  • How to animate memes with AI video tools

  • Amazon taps AI for holiday rush

  • AI revolutionizing microscopic views

  • Sports Illustrated under fire for AI writers, content

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Image source: New York Times

The Rundown: American officials are privately investigating the UAE over links between its major AI firm G42 and Chinese companies, warning of data and tech transfer risks, according to a new report from the NYT.

The details:

  • G42 announced a partnership with OpenAI last month and also boasts agreements with Microsoft and Dell.

  • The CIA flagged G42 partnerships with firms like Huawei that could act as a pipeline to providing advanced US tech to China's military.

  • CEO Peng Xiao formerly oversaw operations of ToTok, an Emirati app identified by US agencies as a spying tool aided by China.

Why it matters: With AI capabilities set to shift the future global order, the advantage of gaining access to cutting-edge techniques or breakthroughs may push espionage and national security risks to new heights. This story is one to monitor as the US/China AI race continues to escalate.


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Image source: Midjourney

The Rundown: The U.S. and 17 other countries just signed an agreement promoting major AI systems to be "secure by design" against hacking and misuse.

The details:

  • The agreement is the first coordinated international effort outlining safety-first AI development principles.

  • The non-binding deal urges vetting suppliers, testing models before release to prevent hijacking and other general recommendations.

  • Despite the framework, the recommendations do not tackle pressing issues like data/training for m

    odels or appropriate uses of AI.

The relevance: This agreement marks an unprecedented level of international coordination on AI safety issues and another effort by the U.S. to catch up to Europe on regulating the tech.


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Amazon is using AI to power the shopping journey this holiday season — from forecasting demand months to routing Cyber Week deliveries. The company’s initiatives even include robot helpers to fulfill orders (including fetching, packing, and sorting) and AI-powered vision assisting drivers on routes.

A new paper details how AI-powered image analysis tools are changing the game for microscopy data, with new models reaching unprecedented accuracy heights. The algorithms can automatically segment and trace cells in all types of data, aided by growing troves of annotated images.

Sports Illustrated is facing scrutiny for reportedly publishing numerous articles under AI personas — complete with generated headshots and bios. Some pieces also appeared AI-written, though SI scrubbed it all post-inquiry, according to Futurism.

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