AI copyright battle lost

Plus: US & China's billion-dollar AI race

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Are AI systems entitled to copyright under the law?

This judge had a firm answer. Lets get into it.

In todays rundown:

  • Federal judge rules on AI copyright

  • US & China AI arms race

  • 儭 8 New AI tools

  • How to work out with your AI workflow

  • 3 quick AI updates

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Source: Midjourney

The Rundown: A federal judge slapped down a lawsuit trying to get copyright protection for art created by AI systems alone upholding the longstanding rule that human creators have to be involved.


  • Stephen Thaler sued after the U.S. Copyright Office rejected his application to copyright an artwork generated by his AI system called the Creativity Machine.

  • The judge ruled copyright law has never extended protection to "new technology operating without any human guidance."

  • The decision cited several precedents establishing need for human creativity and choices an important distinction as the line between AI and personal creation becomes increasingly blurred.

Why it matters: The age of robot artists has not yet arrived in the eyes of the law but as AIs creativity keeps improving, pressure to grant them some copyright freedoms may mount.


The Rundown: In just a few clicks, Graft allows users to build, deploy, and monitor AI-powered apps with ML expertise required.

How to build your own AI-solutions:

  • Go to Graft, with as little as data and an idea.

  • Within minutes, you can build AI solutions such as semantic search, document chat, and more.

  • From data ingestion to foundation model customization to performance monitoring you get all the advanced ML infrastructure unified into one platform.


Source: Midjourney

The Rundown: US and China are rapidly developing AI drones, vehicles, and surveillance to gain an edge in autonomous warfare capabilities, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

Key points:

  • A study found a third of US and China's military AI contracts are for intelligent and autonomous vehicles and estimated that each country is spending billions on military AI R&D.

  • The current conflict in Ukraine has been cited as one of the first major testing grounds for AI drone technology.

  • AI image analysis for reconnaissance and surveillance is another growing area of interest for military power.

Why it matters: As AI creates a new arms race, oversight and cooperation are sorely needed to avoid catastrophe. Is the world ready for a new era of warfare carried out almost entirely by artificial intelligence instead of humans?


AffordHunt- Affordable AI & SaaS alternatives (link)

Sibyl AI- An AI-powered spiritual guide (link)

Spuddie- The newest AI potato companion/friend (link)

Mixo- Launch a startup in seconds with AI (link)

Rytr- An AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content, in just a few seconds (link)

Taplio- All-in-one AI-powered tool for creating, managing, and growing your personal brand on LinkedIn (link)

Vimcal- Calendar app on steroids. Assists users in scheduling and organizing events efficiently (link)

Supertools- Organizes 100s of AI tools for you in one spot (link)


潃儭How to work out with your AI workflow

Want to get some exercise while upping your productivity? Try this nifty workflow from the one and only @alliekmiller:

Step 1: Get ready for your walk! Grab your essentials (Allie included sunscreen, workout clothes, and headphones).

Step 2: Open and get moving dictating responses to emails, brainstorming new ideas, or completing other tasks for the AI to transcribe and process while on the go.

Step 3: When finished, export the text and paste it into ChatGPT to add additional context or clean up as needed.

Clear your head, get moving, and crank out some deep work with this great AI productivity hack!


Dive headfirst into AIs future with a FREE course curated by a seasoned AI expert. Master Low-Code AI to communicate flawlessly with developers, effortlessly weave AI into your business processes, and quickly launch AI-powered apps without coding.

India is rolling out voice and offline payments for its fast-growing Universal Payments Interface digital system. Using AI speech recognition and offline tech, it aims to reach rural users with spotty internet and literacy and hit a whopping 10 billion transactions in July!

A Chinese startup just blasted off WonderJourney-1A, the countrys first AI-powered satellite. The onboard "String" platform can process images and data in orbit without transmitting them to Earth. The goal is for String to act as an AI assistant, allowing users to talk to the satellite in a ChatGPT-like fashion.


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