AI agent masters Minecraft

PLUS: Airbnb acquires secretive AI startup

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By tackling 200+ Minecraft tasks, planning dynamically, and honing skills, a new AI agent called JARVIS-1 just achieved a gaming breakthrough.

Like Tony Starks ultra-capable AI, is this Minecraft AI agent a glimpse at the future of versatile real-world robots? Lets get into it.

In todays AI rundown:

  • Multimodal AI agent excels at Minecraft tasks

  • Airbnb acquires AI startup for $200M

  • 10 new AI tools to try

  • How to learn AI with the best free courses

  • Vectara ranks LLMs by hallucination rate with new leaderboard

  • DeepMind's GraphCast upgrades speedy weather forecasts

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Image source: Midjourney

The Rundown: Researchers just developed an AI agent called JARVIS-1, which can complete a wide variety of tasks, plan, and improve while playing the open-world game Minecraft.

The details:

  • JARVIS-1 uses a multimodal language model to understand visual, textual, and symbolic information.

  • The capabilities allow JARVIS-1 to plan and act based on current game situations dynamically and can improve over time.

  • The AI agent exceeded prior versions on over 200 Minecraft tasks especially complex, long-horizon ones.

  • JARVIS achieved over 90% success on a variety of tasks and 12.5% on the very challenging diamond pickaxe task.

The relevance: JARVIS-1 represents impressive progress in building AI agents that can act in complex environments  and it will be interesting to watch how these breakthroughs transfer to real-world robotics problems.

Who wouldve thought that Minecraft would be the birthplace of AI agents?


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Image source: Reuters

The Rundown: Airbnb just acquired a secretive AI startup by the name of Gameplanner AI to accelerate the rental giants AI initiatives marking the companys first acquisition since going public.

The details:

  • Gameplanner AI has been in stealth mode since 2020, with little known about what the company actually does.

  • What we do know, is that the startup is co-founded by Adam Cheyer, who previously launched Siri (later acquired by Apple).

  • The deal is valued at just under $200 million, according to sources.

Our thoughts: The broader unknowns of this stealthy startup make for an intriguing acquisition and the move takes Airbnb one step closer to founder Brian Cheskys vision of AI helping to build the company travel concierge.


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Want to get some of the best resources and training from the top companies and institutions without breaking the bank?

There are tons of great free courses from the likes of Microsoft, Google, Harvard, etc. here are five wed recommend to learn AI in 2023:

  1. DeepLearning AI's Generative AI for Everyone Get an overview of AI tools, and learn from real-world examples of generative AI in use today. (link)

  2. Google's Introduction to Generative AI Aimed at explaining what Generative AI is, how it is used, and how it differs from traditional machine learning methods. (link)

  3. DeepLearning AI's ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers A free course on ChatGPT prompt engineering by DeepLearning AI and OpenAI. (link)

  4. Our Advanced ChatGPT course It includes 1000+ best ChatGPT prompts, 100+ AI tools, and 25+ AI tool tutorials. (link)

  5. Harvard's CS50's Introduction to AI with Python Learn to use machine learning in Python in this introductory course on artificial intelligence. (link)



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DeepMind just open-sourced GraphCast, an AI model that provides hyper-accurate global weather predictions in under a minute. Between this and the recent earthquake prediction paper, AI might be the tool needed to help humans conquer nature in the next decade.

Vectara just released its LLM Leaderboard, analyzing major language models' hallucination rates. Evaluating summarization accuracy on 1000 texts, the rankings shows how often bots like Claude and GPT-4 stray from facts. GPT-4 and 3.5 currently top the list, followed by Metas LLaMA.

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