Adobe's new AI model

PLUS: Apple quietly acquires another startup...

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

Adobe’s new Firefly 3 model is here — and it’s packing some major heat in the image generation game.

With the company embedding new cutting-edge AI into the heart of its industry-leading platforms, creative workflows are slowly being redefined. Let’s dive in…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Adobe reveals new Firefly model

  • Apple makes another quiet AI acquisition

  • Bring your sketches to life for free

  • Sakana unveils Japanese image model

  • 6 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: Adobe

The Rundown: Adobe just announced a new upgrade to its Firefly image generation model, bringing improvements in image quality, stylization capabilities, speed, and details – along with new AI integrations.

The details:

  • Firefly Image 3 promises new photorealistic quality, improved text rendering, better prompt understanding, and enhanced illustration capabilities.

  • New Structure and Style Reference tools allow users more precise control over generations.

  • Photoshop updates include an improved Generative Fill, Generate Image, Generate Similar, Generate Background, and Enhance Detail.

  • Adobe emphasized training the model on licensed content, with Firefly images automatically getting an AI metadata tag.

Why it matters: New upgrades to Firefly have the model ready to compete for the most capable image generation title. Embedding powerful AI directly into its industry-standard platforms is also a trojan horse — with Adobe slowly showing the power to redefine the creative process as a tool instead of a replacement.


The Rundown: Experience the power of Llama 3, Meta’s latest achievement in open-source LLMs — now available to leverage on OctoAI’s super-efficient inference stack.

Llama 3’s upgrades include:

  • Double the context window of Llama predecessors

  • Better efficiency in text processing

  • New, powerful trust and safety tools

Experience Llama 3 firsthand with $10 in free tokens on OctoAI. Sign up now to get started.


Image source: Midjourney

The Rundown: Apple has just quietly acquired Datakalab, a Paris-based AI startup that specializes in data compression and image analysis — in a move that strengthens capabilities for the tech giant’s on-device AI ambitions.

The details:

  • The acquisition was reportedly finalized in December 2023 but only recently came to light through a recent report.

  • Datakalab has expertise in efficient, low-power AI algorithms for computer vision apps that can run on devices rather than rely on the cloud.

  • Apple acquired as many as 32 AI startups in 2023, the most of any other tech company.

  • Apple is expected to unveil a slew of AI announcements at its upcoming WWDC event in June, including an on-device AI for its new iPhone models.

Why it matters: Apple continues to move extremely quietly in the AI world — but the tech giant could be building up to a grand crescendo in June. With on-device hype continuing to build, the coming iPhone release could set a new standard for integrating AI into the hands of users everywhere.


The Rundown: In this tutorial, you will learn how to turn your sketches into images for free using Adobe Firefly’s new feature called “Structure Reference”.


  1. To get started with Adobe Firefly, first create a free account on their website.

  2. Select a sketch that will serve as a reference to match its outline and depth.

  3. Upload it on the left side where it says “Structure”.

  4. Edit the prompt to closely match your desired picture and experiment with Firefly's additional settings, such as aspect ratio, style, effects, or even angle.

  5. Click “Generate,” and it will provide you with multiple images to choose from! 🎉


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  • Setting up a custom "AI workspace" for optimal efficiency

  • Identifying tasks where AI excels, saving time and effort

  • Integrating AI into your daily routine and workflows

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Image source: Sakana

The Rundown: Sakana AI just released EvoSDXL-JP, a speedy text-to-image generator specifically tailored for Japanese-style images, applying the startup’s ‘evolutionary model merging’ technique beyond language models.

The details:

  • EvoSDXL-JP was built by merging a Japanese image model with an English one, then merging the result with a faster diffusion model for a 10x speed increase.

  • Sakana’s model merging involves ‘breeding’ hundreds of model generations, with the most successful ones becoming ‘parents’ for the next.

  • The model supports Japanese text prompts and can generate culturally relevant images, aiming to make genAI more accessible in the country.

Why it matters: Sakana’s evolutionary model merging technique was already demonstrating unique ways to improve LLMs — and EvoSDXL-JP now shows the same process can apply across boosting image generation.


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A former Amazon AI scientist is suing the company, alleging wrongful termination and claiming she was pressured to ignore copyright laws to keep pace with development.

A roastery in Finland introduced ‘AI-conic’, a coffee blend created with an AI model that analyzed appealing flavor profiles and combinations.

Microsoft announced the hiring of former Meta exec Jason Taylor, taking the role of deputy CTO to help advance development of next-gen AI systems.

United Airlines CIO Jason Birnbaum said the company is currently integrating AI across its operations, including customer service chatbots and automated pilot announcements.

Viral deepfake videos of A-list Bollywood actors criticizing Indian PM Narendra Modi have been spreading ahead of the election, raising concerns about AI’s use for misinformation.

Cleveland Clinic researchers used AI to explore connections between gut bacteria and Alzheimers, predicting which protein pairs impact disease development.

Groq announced a new partnership with Earth Wind & Power, establishing the first European AI Compute Center in Norway and aiming to boost the company’s compute capacity.



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