Adobe's AI video magic

PLUS: Instagram's AI-powered influencers

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

Video editing is about to be as easy as a simple text prompt.

Adobe’s latest teaser features several mind-blowing tools and major integrations — which could usher in a whole new era of video production. Let’s explore…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Adobe previews AI video features

  • Instagram tests AI-powered creator bots

  • Integrate the power of Claude in Google Sheets

  • Reka releases new Core AI model

  • 5 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: Adobe

The Rundown: Adobe just introduced a slew of new AI capabilities coming to Adobe Premiere Pro, aimed at transforming video production — while also teasing third-party integrations and a Firefly Video model in development.

The details:

  • New AI-powered tools in Premiere Pro will enable users to extend video clips, add/remove objects from scenes, and generate B-roll footage using prompts.

  • A new proprietary AI model called Firefly Video will join Adobe's existing lineup of Firefly models for image, vector, design, and text effects.

  • Adobe is also working on integrating third-party AI models from companies like OpenAI, Runway, and Pika Labs into the platform.

  • AI-powered audio editing features will be available in May, including intelligent fade handles, category tagging, and enhanced waveforms.

Why it matters: Adobe’s demo video shows a wild look into the AI-powered future of video production, where edits are just a prompt away. Third-party integrations also reflect Adobe’s desire to remain the editing platform of choice, providing optionality that gives users the best experience — even if that isn’t always Adobe’s models.


The Rundown: AE Studio tackles the toughest challenges in tech, like AI alignment. While their R&D team explores the frontiers of AI safety and consciousness, their consulting team delivers cutting-edge AI solutions.

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  • A proven track record in AI, blockchain, BCI, and more

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AE Studio is ready to listen to any big idea and make it a reality. Share your business challenge today.


Image source: New York Times

The Rundown: Instagram is reportedly experimenting with a new program called “Creator AI”, which would allow popular influencers to use AI-powered chatbots to interact with followers.

The details:

  • Meta is courting top influencers for the program, which would enable creators to respond to fans automatically using personalized chatbots.

  • The AI would mimic the style of the influencer using previous posts, direct messages, comments, and audio as training data.

  • Instagram is also testing AI in its search bar, helping users surface relevant content or chat with a Meta AI chatbot.

  • Meta previously tried incorporating AI avatars on the platform using AI celebrities, but the move was not well received by fans.

Why it matters: With the largest accumulation of advanced AI chips and a mountain of social data, Mark Zuckerberg and co. are integrating the tech across their ecosystem, whether the users are ready or not. With Creator AI, the intentions seem good — but trying to automate ‘genuine’ fan engagement sounds like a recipe for disaster.


The Rundown: In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to integrate Claude's capabilities directly within your Google Sheets, helping to automate your spreadsheet work.


  1. Install the "Claude for Sheets" extension from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

  2. Obtain your Anthropic API key from the Anthropic Console Settings page.

  3. Enter your API key in the "Claude for Sheets" sidebar within your Google Sheet.

  4. Create your first Claude prompt using the formula: “=claude(prompt, model)”


Image source: Reka

The Rundown: AI startup Reka just launched Reka Core, a new multimodal LLM that can handle text, image, audio, and video inputs — while reportedly matching or outperforming other leading models across various benchmarks.

The details:

  • Reka Core was trained from scratch in less than a year, leveraging publicly available, licensed, and synthetic data.

  • The model has a 128,000-token context window, as well as multilingual capabilities in 32 languages.

  • Core outperformed Claude 3 Opus in multimodal human evaluations, beat Gemini Ultra in video, and was competitive with GPT-4 on image understanding.

  • Reka was created by former DeepMind and Meta researchers and is partnering with companies like Oracle and Snowflake.

Why it matters: Reka Core’s benchmarks are extremely impressive — and competing with the top models from scratch is no small feat. With comprehensive multimodal capabilities in a short training window, yet another major player may have just announced itself in a BIG way.


  • 🐰 CodeRabbit - AI-driven code reviewer & feedback

  • 📈 V7 Go - Connect your data with Gen AI workflow

  • 🎨 TripoSR - Fast image to 3D object generation

  • 🖥️ Lando - AI-generated app landing pages

  • 🎵 Spotify AI Playlist - Turn any idea into a personalized playlist

  • 🚀 OpenAI - Growth, API

  • 🔧 Synthesia - IT Support / Junior Systems Engineer

  • 📈 Rad AI - Marketing Operations Lead

  • 🛰️ Shield AI - V-BAT Product Manager


Microsoft unveiled WizardLM-2, an open-source LLM family that leverages AI-powered synthetic data to achieve capabilities that compete with the top models across performance benchmarks.

OpenAI launched its first office in Tokyo, also introducing a GPT-4 custom model to local businesses specially optimized for Japanese.

Limitless released Pendant (formerly the Rewind Pendant), a $99 AI wearable designed to enhance, transcribe, and summarize meetings and preparation.

Poe rolled out Multi-Bot Chat, allowing users to talk simultaneously with multiple AI models in a single thread.

Cohere launched a beta of Compass, a new AI model that efficiently indexes and searches complex multi-aspect data within enterprise environments.

Salesforce exec Paula Goldman said that potential trust issues with users could lead to an AI winter, emphasizing the need for "mindful friction" in AI systems during the Brainstorm AI conference.

OpenAI also announced BatchAPI, which allows users to upload a bulk request file and receive results within 24 hours at a 50% discount from standard API prices.



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