Household robots are coming 'soon'

PLUS: OpenAI non-profit status under fire

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The Science Fiction vision of humanoid robots in every home? It may be here sooner than we think.

OpenAI-backed 1X Technologies is sprinting towards that goal with its NEO bots, built to handle household tasks like a human — and reportedly ready for home use ‘soon’. Let’s take a look…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • AI consumer robots are coming soon

  • OpenAI’s non-profit status under scrutiny

  • How to create a ChatGPT hotkey on Macs

  • Researchers spot new links between fingerprints using AI

  • 7 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: 1X

The Rundown: Norwegian AI robotics startup 1X Technologies just raised $100M in new funding — with plans to have their consumer robot ready for home use ‘soon‘.

The details:

  • The new $100M investment follows a previous $23.5M Series A round last March led by OpenAI Startup Fund I LP.

  • 1X Technologies' first android, a two-wheeled model called EVE, already performs functions in factories and as a security patrol.

  • The newer NEO model is designed to walk and move like a human, assisting with household chores.

  • 1X’s VP of AI posted a (now-deleted) tweet that NEO models would be available for purchase ‘soon’ for home use.

Why it matters: As hype builds and the competition continues to grow, it’s becoming increasingly likely that humanoid robots will be a big part of our lives sooner rather than later — potentially revolutionizing both the home and workplace.


The Rundown: Transform the way you communicate complex tasks using GPT technology to instantly generate intelligent, productive explanations.

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Image source: Reuters

The Rundown: Public Citizen just requested an investigation from the California AG into OpenAI's non-profit status amid concerns that the company is prioritizing profit over its original legal structure — and argues the non-profit should be dissolved under state law.

The details:

  • OpenAI’s current structure is broken into two corporate entities, with the Nonprofit controlling the for-profit OpenAI LP.

  • Public Citizen highlights the reinstatement of CEO Sam Altman and the ousting of board members as examples of for-profit interests.

  • California law could force the dissolution of OpenAI's nonprofit status and redistribution of its assets if the company operates outside of its status.

Why it matters: This isn’t the first issue to arise concerning the murky legal areas of OpenAI’s messy corporate structure — and while it is unlikely to be some sort of dagger for the company, it’s yet another battle in a sea of lawsuits and regulatory attacks for the AI leader.


The Rundown: You may have seen the news that Microsoft is adding an AI key to their latest PC keyboards. But in the meantime, here is how to set up your own hotkey on Macs to quickly access ChatGPT with a quick shortcut.

Thank you to Jason Demorest for sharing this tutorial.


  1. Open Automator from your finder. Click the dropdown under type and select ‘Quick Action.’ Change the ‘Workflow receives’ section to ‘no input’ in ‘any application.’

  2. Drag and drop ‘Run AppleScript’ into the window on the right, and replace the placeholder script with the one below:

    • tell application "Google Chrome" if it is not running then activate delay 1 end if open location "" end tell

  3. Save the service (name it something like ChatGPT Open). Navigate to the Apple logo → System Settings → Privacy and Security → Accessibility.

  4. Click on the + sign, and add Automator, Script Editor, and System Events.

  5. Navigate to System Settings → Keyboard → Keyboard Shortcuts and click Services. Open the dropdown for General and select the shortcut name you saved the original file as. Double-click on the right side and choose the hotkey you’d like to use (ex: Shift+Option+Command+G).

  6. Open Google Chrome and go to Hold the command and press D to save a bookmark on the page. Now test your hotkey from step 4, which should open ChatGPT with a simple key function on your keyboard!


Image source: Columbia Engineering

The Rundown: Columbia researchers just developed an AI system that can match different fingerprints from the same person with 77% accuracy, challenging the long-held forensics belief that prints are always unique.

The details:

  • The system analyzed 60,000 fingerprint image pairs from a public government database to uncover new patterns.

  • The AI relies on the shape and curvature of swirls and loops in prints' centers rather than traditional ridge details.

  • The study achieved an accuracy of 77% for single pairs, increasing significantly when presented with multiple pairs.

Why it matters: This discovery not only challenges a fundamental forensic principle — but also opens new avenues for forensic analysis that could potentially impact legal cases. It’s likely not the last AI-led discovery that will overturn conventional scientific beliefs.


🥷 MultiOn- An AI-first personal agent for streamlining life (link)

🌄 Krea AI- New feature for automatic prompting for AI images (link)

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🤗 Hugging Face- Business Development Representative (link)

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🤝 Anthropic- Trust and Safety Enforcement Lead (link)

🎬 OpenAI- Account Director, Platform Majors (link)

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Pika Labs released a new ‘expand canvas’ feature, allowing users to generate additional space within a video and seamlessly change styles.

Midjourney revealed plans to potentially enter the personal computing space with an ‘orb’ device for 3D virtual spaces, with a hardware team already currently collecting 3D data.

Casper Labs is working with IBM to build a blockchain-powered solution for enterprises to gain transparency into AI systems, tracking training data changes across organizations and enhancing compliance.

Comedy AI Dudesy released an AI-generated special imitating George Carlin, drawing anger from the late legendary comedian’s daughter.

X user 0xframer used Midjourney and DALL-E images to create a mobile game ad, showing off the power of AI in the animation process.

Indian data center Yotta is planning to purchase $1B in Nvidia AI chips, signifying a major leap in the country's AI infrastructure development.

Victoria’s Secret is partnering with Google Cloud to leverage AI for new online shopping experiences and enhance the company’s operational efficiencies.

Microsoft briefly overtook Apple for the title of the world’s most valuable company, fueled largely by its AI-driven market momentum.



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